Friday, August 29, 2008

ready for fall...and not ready

We had our wood stove installed today! It's a Lopi Liberty, best indoor wood stove around. So even if the rest of the house is not finished, at least we have a heat source, which is important when you live around here.

And here is an impressive cloud I saw yesterday. The rain from it just barely grazed us, I guess, but the night before we were doused with two inches. I'm happy, the garden is happy. We have some warm weather in the forecast, so maybe my tomatoes will finally ripen.

The kids and I did the annual ritual of school shopping today while the stove was being installed. Wow. I didn't know three shirts and three pairs of jeans apiece could cost so much! We didn't even get around to the notebooks and pencils and such; a morning at the mall is enough for me.

My dad is coming tomorrow to stay overnight. I'm excited; he hasn't been here for a few years now and I'm anxious to show him our house and all we've done.

It just seems there is so much more I want to say, and so much I cannot find words for. This summer has just passed me by, and we have worked so hard in preparing our house, moved in bit by bit (just moved my glider rocker to the new hearth today), meanwhile the kids have just kept growing up in so many ways, and I have rediscovered running and lost over fifteen pounds in the process. My garden, though neglected, has done as well as can be expected; I had a great garlic and onion harvest as usual. And the nighthawk migration the last couple of days has been spectacular.

Can summer really be over this weekend? I plan to spend some time at the pond playing Retrieving Olympics with Sally (Calvin and I invented this; she is scored on her moves as she retrieves sticks thrown into the pond) and picking up my dusty musical instruments once more. And, when I am ready to write, I'll share it all with you.


LauraHinNJ said...

Nighthawks, already?

I'm sad to see the summer go, too.

(That is one impressive cloud.)

Ed Bruske said...

gorgeousw cloud

pablo said...

Deb, I found those 15 pounds you lost. Let me know if you want them back.

We just put our 26-year-old back into school (graduate school at a college a few hours away) and we spent a lot of money getting that little chore done. I thought this part of parenting was supposed to be over!

Jayne said...

With school starting Aug 7 here, it seemed our summer was pretty much already over. Sounds like you got a good bit accomplished over the summer. Can't wait to see the pretty Christmas tree in the new house warmed by the wood stove. :c)

cindy said...

Deb, You sound so...I don't know....healthy!! What a great place you have! What a fantastic place to raise your children. They seem to be happy and healthy and full of wonder. Calvin has turned into such a wonderful big brother. Starflower is blossoming. Mr. Attitude has really grown! Count your blessings!

RuthieJ said...

I think that cloud is awesome too! I'm glad it didn't bring you any severe weather.
I think you will love that wood stove even more this winter!
(I'll start watching for those migrating nighthawks this week!)

Jim said...

Yea, a fine cloud and a delightful post.

Floridacracker said...

Retriever Olympics ... most excellent!
Congrats on those 15 pounds! Very impressive.
And what a spectacular cloud. Very Floridesque.

Deb said...

LauraH- Already. I'm not ready to see it!

Ed- Thanks. I was watching it as I was driving home, and it was still in a good position to take a picture over my garden when I arrived.

Pablo-- No thanks, you can keep them, or get rid of them as you wish.

Wow, I thought when I went off to graduate school I was pretty much on my own. Well, except for my parents buying me a $2000 car and paying insurance...Come to think of it, parental support lasts a long time.

Jayne- August 7th? That seems so early. Around here I think it's the law that school starts the day after Labor Day. The resort owners wanted that last holiday weekend of business.

Cindy- I count them every day. And I am feeling amazingly healthy, better than I've been in years.

RuthieJ- I'm looking forward to the first fire, and I'm hoping our house design will prove to be one that distributes heat evenly throughout most of the house.

Jim- Thanks. Always good to hear from you!

FC- Retriever Olympics were fun. Especially when she did the little jump over an overturned canoe with two sticks in her mouth. A perfect 10.

Thanks. I'm about halfway towards where I want to be, and amazed that it just took about half an hour a day and a little physical effort.

Cloud was definitely spectacular. We've been having some weather we would expect in mid summer, but now tonight it's back to lows in the forties (thirties here) and highs in the seventies. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

I was just stopping by, and had to say what a great picture of that cloud, it looks like you live in a very pretty area.