Tuesday, August 12, 2008

not around to blog much lately

I apologize that I have not been keeping up with posting, or replying to comments, or leaving comments on the blogs I read often. I have unexpectedly been more or less the leader on a very challenging project at work lately, which has stretched out to nearly two weeks of work, and I have been pretty exhausted when I come home at night. Not that driving a boat around is that bad, but I guess it's that I'm too much of a perfectionist, or that I have years' more experience and do so much better at whatever job I'm called to do that I can't stand the gross incompetence of coworkers, or their second-guessing MY knowledgeable decisions. Or maybe I just don't like pulling dead fish out of nets and wrestling 20 pound snapping turtles any more. 'Nuff said. It will all be over on Thursday, and I plan to drink a beer or two to that. :)

And, my body has been recuperating from a longer-than-ever run Sunday morning, followed by seven hours of nailing pine flooring. Everything hurts now. But the floor looks nice. Pictures to follow soon.


Lynne said...

The project is over Thursday, only two more days...

Can't wait to see the floor!

We went to Gordy's High Hat for lunch on Sunday. That fish sandwich was THE BEST EVER!
Tell Starflower that on her advice I ordered the fired mushrooms and we all thought they ROCKED!

Hang in there Deb. :)

Jayne said...

Sounds exhausting Deb. We'll hoist a couple with you after Thursday! Looking forward to the photos of your beautiful floor.