Wednesday, July 04, 2007

State of the Garden

1. Potatoes. Planted late April. Status: Excellent. I've never had such lush plants full of flowers. And I like how this picture turned out a little surreal-looking in the morning mist.

2. Onions. Planted mid May. Status: Excellent. This is the first time I've had such robust looking plants; it helped that I planted started plants rather than those dry looking bulbs I've always planted before.

3. Greens. Planted sometime in April. Status: Way above average. This kale just won't quit, and neither has the lettuce, although it is time to replant in another bed. I tried replanting a couple weeks ago but nothing has come up.

4. Tomatoes, planted early June. Status: good. July should be a good growth month for them, and I'm hoping for the earliest ones by August. There are already flowers and a few little green tomatoes. All of my plants are under row covers, which buffer the cool nighttime temperatures and keep flying and four legged critters out.

5. Pickling cucumbers, planted from seed early June. Status: fair. I didn't get good germination with these, nor with bush beans, nor with carrots. I am thinking maybe it's the soil. The composted horse manure is good for transplants, but maybe it needs to be amended with some finer material to keep the seeds in place.

We're spending a quiet Fourth of July at home, except for The Hermit and Calvin who are going fishing this morning at the same lake where we fished the other day. From the looks of things, I may need to spend a little time weeding!


Madcap said...

I love that top photo. It looks like some kind of verdant Stonehengesque thing.

Lynne said...

That first photo makes me want to listen for the birds and draw in deep breaths of that fresh air. It sure does smell better up there! Once in a while if the weather is right we get northern air down here in the cities. It's such a treat.

Enjoy your Fourth! I picked up a sick call on the night shift last night so it's back to bed for me. But I did get double time and a half! Whooty-whoot!!

LauraHinNJ said...

I have lots of weeding to do! Your plants all look wonderful - but the kale makes me mouth water.

pablo said...

How do you quantify progress on my garden? I planted nothing, so I've had no progress and no failure.

momadness said...

Excellent garden update; maybe I'll try potatoes next year. I love baked potatoes.

Floridacracker said...

Looks good! I've retreated to just a few pots of datil peppers that I jealously guard from the deer.

We could never grow greens in our hot summer, especially lettuce. Those are winter crops for us.

Deb said...

Madcap- The morning mist cooperated perfectly. Unfortunately, morning mist means high humidity later!

Lynne- I lived long enough there to know what the air smells like.

Hey- if all works out, I'll have a "blogger meets blogger" post here tomorrow night! Woot Woot!!!

LauraHinNJ- The kale is a huge surprise. It is now my favorite green.

Pablo- Nothing ventured, nothing gained (or lost). I surpass my parents at venturing. But that's confidential family stuff.

momadness- I haven't been very good at mounding the potato plants up with mulch, which supposedly makes a greater yield.

FC- My peppers are not looking too good; I think they don't like the cold nights. I'm just getting used to gardening here in Minnesotarctica; I can't imagine what it would be like in tropical Florida!