Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lost dogs and mixed blessings

For you John Prine fans, I'm sure you recognize the title of his album that came out...was it 10 years ago already?

We've been preoccupied with some missing dog issues. Hopi and Maggie, Brittany and Chesapeake respectfully, ran off Sunday morning and disappeared. They like to run on our property, but this is very unusual for them. So, Monday morning, Hopi returned. Maggie is still missing. This alone tells me that they were being held somewhere nearby, and Hopi managed to escape. It is just so out of character for them to just disappear. I'm suspecting a certain neighbor, and keeping a close eye on the situation. If my suspicion is true, it really sucks that we have neighbors like that.

Anyway, I just found out why Hopi was in a running mood. Let's just say that she and Togo...ummm....were just caught in a loving position. Oh crap, it's so hard to tell with Brittanys. when they're in season. A visit to the vet is in order. Sigh.

So...in other news, after freezing temps last week, we are caught in a heat wave. 90 degree highs here today, with lows in the 60's and fog, which means the dewpoint is at an uncomfortable level. I was out on a lake today, doing an aquatic plant survey, something which I guess is my calling this summer, and it was HOT. That, and our motor kept beeping, signaling that either we were clogged up and overheating, or that the signal was out of whack. Sigh. It was, however, the lake that I practically grew up on, at least on weekends spent at Grandma and Grandpa's, so I liked being there again. I had to pop a Claritin after we got off the lake; I'm allergic to a certain type of blue green algae, which was on its way to becoming abundant there.

I checked the garden tonight, and we have one tomato that is turning orange! It is a Stupice, my (so far) favorite early variety. We also have a Diva cucumber at five inches, almost harvestable. I harvested garlic on Saturday, and intended to post about it; maybe later. We used one of the new garlic cloves on grilled Lake Superior lake trout yesterday, and it was great!

Oh, and according to Site Meter I'm due to have my 50,000th visitor some time in a day or two. This calls for some kind of celebration.

And, while I'm here, I have harvested lupine seeds. Those of you who requested them, I'll try to get them out in the mail soon!


Lynne said...

Sorry about the dogs. Do you think you'll need to confront the neighbor? I've finally got this weekend off but if it's going to be so beastly hot, I don't know if we'll go up to Hasty. Might as well sweat at home, at least I can shoer here! I can't believe you'll have tomatoes so soon. Yumm! Wow-congrats on the hit meter! I bow to your bloggyness!! :)

I don't think I ever sent an address for lupine seeds. I'll email it to you in case you have any extras.

Lynne said...

umm...that's shower...

Madcap said...

We're having the same weather here. Oi. That's a shame about the dogs, and hard to imagine why.

momadness said...

I hope you get the situation straightened out. I would be very upset if someone else was messin' around with my pets. You know--you can try and kick me but don't go near my dog (or my kid)!

Deb said...

Lynne- I'll leave the confrontation up to The Hermit. I hope it doesn't come to that. They are the kind of neighbors you'd meet in the movie "Deliverance". Honestly.

Yes, stay in your air conditioned comfort! I took the day off today since The Hermit was away teaching a youth grouse hunting class. I was sweating profusely by noon, so decided to take the two younger kids (Calvin was at a friend's house) to the beach in Duluth. It was 75 there, much better.

Madcap- Does that mean we're in for more of the same for a while?

Dunno why either.

Momadness- Yes I know, the mama bear instinct. Even though I didn't think we really needed another dog, if it came to confrontation I'd be fighting for her.

The thing that got me was, The Hermit said he talked to the 17 year old kid at said neighbor's place, and when TH told him Hopi (the Brittany) had come back, the kid said "the one with the orange collar?"

He has never been close enough to her to see what color collar she wears. Hmmm...