Tuesday, July 10, 2007

dog tired

I spent the day on a beautiful little lake, the clearest lake I have seen in our management area. I would definitely go scuba diving there, if I had a lot of time for recreation. But I was not there for recreation, I was there for business. Vegetation sampling business.

It would have been a great day, had it not been so windy. So whitecap-inducing, hat-blowing windy. There was a cold front moving in, and it produced 30 mph gusts or more. Luckily the lake was small enough. We sampled vegetation where we could, and even ran into a couple of unfamiliar species. But having to drop and pull an anchor at every spot, as well as throwing this double headed rake sampler thingie and pulling it in, laden with weeds, made me kind of achy after a while. What? This is my job, I'm not supposed to whine about it? Oh well. It pays the bills.

And the wind has this effect on me. As soon as I arrived home, I was dog tired. Didn't want to move a muscle. We had frozen pizzas for dinner (locally produced, so at least that's something). I'm dozing off now.


Madcap said...

I've been studying traditional chinese medicine lately, and wind is considered a pathogenic influence. Maybe you're a type that's more sensitive to it so it takes it out of you more quickly.

The lakes here are uniformly murky. Chive says I've got to go back east someday and see a REAL lake. I'll betcha your lake would qualify as REAL!

Deb said...

Madcap- what a coincidence; I've been reading a book on qigong and I'm very interested in learning more about traditional Chinese medicine. I think you're on to something.

Madcap said...

Get "The Web That Has No Weaver" by Ted Kaptchuk. Very readable, tonnes of information about basic TCM theory and philosophy. It's a great place to start. Actually, it's one I've got to get my hands on again, speaking of. I borried the copy I had, but it's one I could be referring to over and over. Too bad you don't live closer - I've got quite the library going and I'd love to have someone to discuss it with!

Floridacracker said...

Our lakes tend to be really clear.
I know what you mean about a day spent in strong wind, it does sap you. Add in working in a boat and you have the recipe for dog tired.

Lynne said...

I find the wind to be exhausting too. DH-Art however, gets really aggitated when it's windy. His realtives in Germany actually say the wind makes them ill (Art says nuts!) "Foehn" is the German word for that wind. Around the Mediterran I think it's called "Sirocco". We need a special name for the "up north" wind!

Tracy said...

I hope your pizzas were from Heggies - wow, those are good pizzas. I can't find them anywhere in the Cities, just at a little bait shop near my mother-in-law's lake place.

greg said...

That was some serious wind yesterday! I totally know what you mean about how wind can just be totally exhausting. That's very interesting what Madcap mentioned.

The lake sounds wonderful!

pablo said...

It is odd how wind can have unexpected effects on people. Sometimes it gives me headaches!

Deb said...

FC- Are your lakes high alkalinity? It seems this lake is higher in alkalinity than most in our area. I remember the St. Johns River being kind of brown in color, much like a lot of the waters around here.

Lynne- Funny that there are words in other languages for this crazy wind. I wonder if the Ojibwe have a word for it.

Tracy- They were Kettle River brand pizzas, made right here in little old Askov. There must be a few little bar pizza companies here and there in Minnesota.

Greg- It's Spectacle Lake, in Isanti County. I remember my uncles talking about going swimming there when they were teenagers; there's still a little public swimming beach. Probably the clearest lake anywhere near the metro area, except maybe Square Lake.

Pablo- I think the wind drains us all. It was windy again today, but it didn't start until afternoon and I didn't spend as much time in it so I feel better tonight. That, and it is now calm and 49 degrees.

Wow, I write one dumb, half asleep post and I get 6 unique commenters! I've put more effort into posts that received half that much attention.