Sunday, May 13, 2007

okay, we need a garden update

Saturday was a good gardening day; it was sunny but a cool breeze from the northeast kept the temperature bearable. My goal was to plant out the remaining bundle of onion sets I'd had in the refrigerator for two weeks, and to finally get sugar snap peas and Swiss chard planted. I was also hoping to get a few more of the beds weeded and prepared for planting. I got the onions and a couple of beds done Saturday, with a few distractions, and did the sugar snap peas and a few more beds on Sunday.
While most of my garden weeds are the usual quack grass, lambs quarters and sorrel, I found that ferns are spreading their rhizomes through my garden beds and unfurling little fronds everywhere! I love ferns, and I appreciate the abundance of them here, some day I may even get around to identifying them all, BUT can't they just stay out of my garden? I removed probably twenty or more feet of fern rhizomes from one 4 x 8 bed. If I was the enterprising type I would have divided them and sold them for garden ornamentals! But I seem to lack that type of motivation.

My garlic is doing very well. I planted two whole beds of it this year, and I know we'll use all of it, although I'm hoping to save a few good bulbs for next year's crop.

I love the soft greens and reds in this lettuce mixture. It should be ready for harvest in a week or so.

And, we have potatoes.

I'm sorry if this wide format blog layout looks really screwy. It's so hard to get text where you want it in the Blogger compose box, and I've noticed it lays out differently on different size screens, and on different browsers. I'm doing what I can, but I'm almost ready to switch to the usual Blogger narrow column template. UPDATE- Back to narrow format. It will make some posts look strange, but it is far easier for a semi computer literate like me to deal with.

Forget Blogger, I'm having a bad day to begin with. Our carpenter is turning out to be a real jerk. And, Mr. Attitude was complaining about a toothache last night, and when I looked today there were cavities the size of the Grand Canyon in two of his top molars. I feel like such a bad mom. And I dread going to the dentist, I want to find one who will guarantee they won't lecture me for being such a bad mom to let this happen. Not to mention both Calvin and Starflower have had major bike wipeouts this week, and I've been watching Starflower's wrist, wondering if I shouldn't have taken her in for an X ray. I don't think it's broken, and she says it's better today, but I'm no doctor. Please, no more this week. This is all this mom can handle!


Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath...let it out slowly...again. Any mother who takes time to go frog stalking with her son is NOT a bad mother. The cavities can be fixed..the wrist will heal..the sun will come up tomarrow. and your family will be fine.

elise said...

I wouldn't worry about the wrist because it would still REALLY hurt and be swollen the next day if it was broken. My daughter had a stress fracture of her wrist that most normal people could not even see on an xray. It only required a splint but it hurt her so much she couldn't even support the weight of her hand to be able to hold it up - so in other words a break would be VERY painful.
As far as the dentist, I find that if I go in and just say something like "I know, I know, I'm so bad" that they don't get so crazy about it. They seem to be satisfied to think that you already KNOW you are horrible - ha ha! My littlest had a cavity between her teeth and now I make her floss everyday! So I went from bad mother to mean mother!

Deb said...

Cindy- Thanks. I needed to hear that!

Elise- That's what I suspected about her wrist, but her piano teacher was concerned so Starflower is going to the doctor tomorrow just to be sure. I really hope she won't have to wear a cast, since it's the start of pond swimming season and she lives in the water!

I got a good recommendation for a dental clinic today, but unfortunately they are not in our provider's network. I'll go in saying "Mea culpa!"

Anonymous said...

great site, can you please please tell me what type of garlic bed in the picture?
rocambole, porcelain, etc.?

Deb said...

I've been planting "Music" and "German Extra Hardy" for the last few years from my harvest from the year before, so I don't even know how much of each I have. All I know is that they are hardnecks, but they are popular varieties so I'm sure more specific info is out there.