Sunday, May 27, 2007

Living in the moment

There's piles of work to be done around here. So much work you wonder how it ever will get done.

It will, or it won't. Today I surveyed all the garden beds I weeded and prepared yesterday, then planted carrots in one bed. I could have planted much more stuff, but the forecast calls for "scattered frost" which means for sure we'll get it in the geographical anomaly we have here. One day won't matter the least to a seed, but it might chill the soil enough to retard germination. What's up with frost at the end of May anyway?

I woke up today in kind of a funk, wondering if the life I wanted would ever happen. I decided, no matter what, I would get a few weeds pulled and see what happened. Things worked themselves out, thanks to a little road trip and a late afternoon spent watching the dogs playing "Who's got the bone!" I got my outlook back. Sometimes you have to just kick back and forget about what needs to be done. For a while.


pablo said...

Yeah, I'm still waiting for the life I wanted to happen. But you're young. You still have a chance. (Do I sound gloomy?)

Katie said...

I agree, sometimes you do have to forget about what needs done and kick back, otherwise you miss out on some other hidden joy or moment. It's never easy though is it? Sometimes I let the guilt of forgetting about what needs done ruin the joy of the kick back moment, ha - well I'm a work in progress.

Floridacracker said...

So true.
We did the kick back thing with family yesterday. Well, I BBQ'd most of the afternoon over a hot grill, but it felt like kicking back.

Deb said...

Pablo- You do sound a bit like Eeyore! But, you've got Roundrock. And your kids are all out of college. Time to live your dreams!

Katie- Yes, I get that guilt too.

FC- BBQing is definitely kicking back.

I came down with a cold today, so I've been kicking back more than planned. I even took a nap.

Larry said...

I've spent much of my life trying to convince myself of that.-(the need to kick back)

Cathy said...

The only good thing about those blue funks is that you know they won't last.

Sorry about the cold. Rest and remember to start Zicam the next time one of those rhino-viruses dares to trouble your nose.

Deb said...

Larry- we must be hard wired to fight against kicking back.

cathy- Yes, they never seem to last.

I'm taking a thyroid supplement that has extra zinc, so maybe that will help? But I can't believe how weak I felt yesterday, just from a cold!