Sunday, April 22, 2007

A good spring day at home

This is my home as you would see it from the road, or at least from the pond beach. It's looking good since the addition of the house roofline.

It was one of those glorious spring Sunday mornings, the kind where you realize there is so much you could do but only a finite number of hours to do something. I decided to get the most grim, unpleasant job done first. I went out to our "pet cemetery" and dug a hole. The daffodils were starting to come up on the other graves there. Then I got Puffball's body out of the freezer and buried him. In the process of digging, I came up with a number of rocks, which I arranged in a circle around the filled hole. I brought my flute out and played one verse of "Amazing Grace".

Next I decided the priority of the day was getting potatoes planted. I could have also planted sugar snap peas and Swiss chard, but that will get done some time this week. I could not even get all the potatoes planted, because I discovered frost in one bed that still had a heavy layer of mulch. Potatoes planted there would likely rot. I'll let it thaw and dry another day or two.

While I was preparing potato beds, I heard the voice of a sandhill crane. I looked up, thinking it was flying low, but then I saw it so high in the sky it was barely a speck, circling on the thermals. For a bird with a six foot wingspan, it had to be a couple thousand feet up. Was it just enjoying itself, circling up there, calling out every once in a while for the fun of it?

Later I heard a high pitched Kee-ir! Kee-ir! and knew, from a similar day last year, it was a pair of harriers. I saw them circling together. I wonder if it was the same pair from last year.

In other bird news, the yellow bellied sapsuckers have arrived, as well as ruby crowned kinglets and even the first yellow rumped warblers! Soon the woods will be busy.

We did the first official swim today, sort of. Starflower and Mr. Attitude wanted to play on the beach and maybe go in the water, so I took a break from garden detail and watched them. They decided maybe the water was still a little cold. The skies turned overcast while we were out there; it is raining as I write this, and the temperature has fallen ten degrees.

Hopi and Sally were out exploring while I was gardening, and they happened to find a good mud hole in the wetland beyond the garden. Sally thought she looked good in darkface. I took her out to the pond before I allowed her back in the house. By the way, Maggie was with The Hermit as he was doing some errands in Duluth. I told him he had to take at least one dog, and he thought he could get some good attention with a puppy. ;)

Just another spring day here at Sand Creek. Life is good.


Floridacracker said...

Brrrr, your Starflower must be a penguin. What a cute impish pic!

Sally with the muddy face made me laugh out loud. She is so funny with her "What ... is there something on my face?" look.

What a wide ranging day you had.

Deb said...

FC- I think she is part penguin, part polar bear. She has been in the pond while there is still ice, and swum in Lake Superior in October. Brr...

Sally's mudface was precious. Pure dogness.

Yes, typical day here. I also picked up random pieces of construction debris in the yard, and swept in the new house. That didn't even make the blog.

pablo said...

Life does sound good, until the mosquitos come.

Madcap said...

Looks a lot like home...

You're going to have to build Starflower a sauna so she can benefit from the other half of the cold treatment!

Lynne said...

That picture of Starflower is all sass and confidence- too cute!

Your pictures of your homestead this spring are just beautiful.

BTW- I've looked at the gull section in my field guide 3 times in the last 2 days and I just can't muster any enthusiasm to learn any field marks. I'm afraid we're going to be out there with a bunch of hard core gull birders and I'm going to win the big LOSER prize! Maybe if I bring the most popcorn...maybe if I point and nod a lot...

Larry said...

-Wonderful place you have there and some good birds too.-Glad you are enjoying life.

Deb said...

pablo- I've already seen a few of them. Not in attack mode yet, I guess.

madcap- I could use that sauna myself!

Lynne- That's Starflower--all sass and confidence.

As for the gulls- you and me both! You mean there are other species besides ring-billed? :) Yup, that's my strategy. Point and nod.

Larry- Thanks! There's a lot to enjoy this time of year.