Saturday, April 14, 2007

an anti-melancholy day!

Today was so great I have to post twice. The first, (well, this year it's the second) time we have a sunny day in the spring, with high temperature above 50, well, it's pretty exciting. My cheeks are still flushed, not with excitement, but a touch of sunburn. :)

The pond is now free of ice, as of yesterday. There has been a pair of mallards hanging around; I hope they are thinking of nesting.

I had a haircut/eyebrow waxing appointment at 9:00. Yes, I'm blessed with what would be a very thick unibrow, and I have just enough vanity in me to want to control it some.

When I arrived home, I parked out front to avoid mud. As I was walking in the trail to the cabin, I heard a tapping noise. Of course it was a woodpecker, I was just curious what it was tapping on. I scanned the trees, then looked down on a fallen bough to see a female black backed woodpecker!

So I went out to try to get a photo of the woodpecker (unsuccessful), and the mallard hen (see above). The Hermit and Mr. Attitude were on a recycling run, and when they came back Mr. Attitude got out of the truck to see me by the pond. He and I proceeded to go on a little walk. By the way, he chose the sweater, I didn't. Please click on the photo to enlarge; his look is precious.

We came across a couple of local fellows fishing in the creek. It was Calvin and his friend Keith, who had spent the night. Trout season opened today, and they were anxious to see if the brook trout were biting. They weren't; at least not on bacon fat.

They walked away from video games for this. Imagine that.

Next, Attitude and I walked around the horse pasture across the creek. Mr. Attitude enjoyed running so Drifter, our one year old filly, would start running with him.

After our walk, which we both enjoyed immensely, I attempted to get a little work done in the garden. I planted spinach, lettuce and other greens, but there was Calvin with his baseball bat and ball, and then Calvin with his fishing pole, asking if we could go out fishing some more. Guess who won. The verdict: Trout in Sand Creek don't bite on bacon. Searching Ebay for a fly rod.

It was a day of letting go, of letting my kids lead me, of being in the moment. It was the sort of day the first REAL day of spring in Minnesota should be. I am hearing frogs tonight, and it is beautiful.


Larry said...

_The areas you show in the photos look a lot like the places I go to in the spring for fishing trips.
I'm going to try to find a Black-backed Woodpecker in New Hampshire this year-great bird you found.

I once had a friend who caught trout out of a brook using just his hands.-I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.-incidently-he loved bacon.-My friend that is-not the trout.

elise said...

I'm so jealous! It's snowing/raining here in Pennsylvania! Sounds like you had the perfect day!

pablo said...

Now this is the Deb I like to read!


arcolaura said...

I saw a female black-backed woodpecker myself this spring! First time I ever saw one. I never would have believed it, being quite out of its normal habitat here, but it was de-barking a branch right above the sidewalk as I walked underneath, and I got to study it for several minutes from about six feet away. I haven't seen it again since, but there are a couple of branches that got quite thoroughly stripped.

Deb said...

larry- I've only caught trout by electrofishing thus far. By hand seems far fetched for this creek!

I hope you see a black backed woodpecker in NH. Look for areas of scaled bark on trees.

elise- it was wonderful. I sure hope the snow is over here!

pablo- and that's the Deb I like to be.

arcolaura- maybe they have a conspiracy. Maybe they're threatening to be the next dominant species, and they're just making themselves known.

Glad you saw one! They are quite elusive.