Monday, December 25, 2006

A Sand Creek Christmas

Calvin shows his siblings how to work a Nintendo DS

Calvin's portable DVD player wins out over the bigger screen TV.

What's missing is a picture of Mom, happily breaking in her new ice skates on the pond.

It was probably the best Christmas ever. It was everything I wanted a family Christmas to be. The stepkids and future step daughter in law came over, we enjoyed good food, presents, and fun. The best compliment was when my stepdaughter liked my homemade garlic dill pickles. "And I'm fussy about pickles", she said.

But the ultimate moment for me was when I was just coming off the pond after a quick sunset skate, after the festivities were over. Just as I had slipped off my skates, just as I was getting up to walk back to the house, I heard the guinea and chickens upset about somehing. I looked up to see a bald eagle, practically overhead, so close I could hear the whooshing of each mighty wingbeat.

What a blessing, after a blessed day.

The windows arrive tomorrow. I'm taking the day off. And I'm taking the next day off, for the local Christmas bird count. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Your kids look so content and happy!
I'm glad your day was special and the pickles passed muster!

Deb said...

FC- They were pretty happy. This morning they found out how they could all play one game against each other on the DS's. Amazing. And Calvin has been watching the Red Green Show DVD's (another present) on his portable DVD player.

And I at first feared my children entering the digital age. I am now convinced it's good for them.

Hope your Christmas was great!