Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sand Creek 2006--The Year In Review

I thought about doing the meme where you take the first line of your first post of every month of the year and post it, but I broke down in laughter somewhere around March:
"In response to the comments on this
, which turned into a treatise on bouzoukis, rolling chords, traditional
Celtic style, and diadokokinesis, here is a picture of my bouzouki being
cautiously played by Mr. Attitude."

The rest of the year just gets better...:)

So instead, I thought I'd compile sort of a self-blog festival, a compilation of links to my best posts of 2006. So here goes:

January- in the only musical gig I played in the whole year, I got stiffed the customary free beer. I saw pussy willow budding out early, and took a photo of an incredible sunrise. My photo essay of an outdoor shower, Minnesota style drew some unforgettable comments.

February- We had a cold snap, accompanied by some great birds at the feeder. Starflower started piano lessons, and took an unforgettable photo.

March- I felt the turning point of winter into spring, then we welcomed Sally. I found inspiration in compost, then found out Wendell Berry has had similar thoughts. I turned 39. I fed animals. And I was blessed.

April- My new refrigerator was blessed by swans. I reminisced about the beach in northern California. Starflower took her first swim in the pond on the 8th, when there was still ice; no wonder I have named her Miss Polar Bear Club 2006. The ice went out and frogs started singing. We bought a Farmall H, which proved to be indispensable in moving horse manure to the gardens. With the return of on-lake work, I had two fish tales to tell.

May- I was in awe at the colors of spring, and lamented that sometimes spring is just too much. That is, if seeing the mating flight of harriers is too much! We went fishing on Sand Creek, and The Hermits even went on a date. The starflowers were in bloom. And, amidst the late May heat, we got some new lawnmowers.

June- I planted my garden of dreams, then realized I am indeed living the good life. I held a young downy woodpecker in my hand, went crazy at the greenhouse, and was attacked by kingbirds.

July- I celebrated a midsummer evening. Mr. Attitude got Lyme disease, which he seemed to recover from with no lasting effects. I celebrated my first bountiful harvest. Another garden report, from later in the month. And the Sunday evening peanut ride was fun.

August- I mused about the small rewards that make life meaningful. Then we had an early morning visitor. We had a memorable dinner from the garden. I think I saw a wolf. And, we raised the rafters on the new house!

September- We got Hopi, who is, well...a puppy not suited to my calm personality traits. But oh well, if she hunts... My gardening plans abruptly ended on September 9th with the first hard frost, but all was not lost...Then I experienced brook trout, and the beavers that try so hard to destroy brook trout habitat. But it was fun to see that the local "ditch" has brook trout in it!
And, I hosted my first ever blog carnival, I and the Bird #32. And, I canned a bunch of salsa.

October- I brewed beer for the first time in a while. Snow came early, though it's hard to believe since it's raining tonight, in late December. Our capenter made progress on the roof, even though we ended up having to order more boards.

November- I had a really good music day. I haven't had one since. The rest of the roof boards were completed! I went off on one of my tangents, musing on the connection between music and wilderness. Deep.

December- The Dark Days were already getting to me on the 1st. So you know what the rest of the month was like. And it's too recent to sort out what was really memorable. And it's late, and I am tired.

I plan to compose a "Birding Moments of 2006" self-link-fest as well. Maybe tomorrow.

But if I don't post or comment on your blog before, may I wish everyone a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea, to do a self-recap of the year in blogging. I may have to copy you!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your re-cap.

Happy New Year to you and your family Deb!

Anonymous said...


What a nice way to end the year and I enjoyed going over your favorite posts.

I remember most of them but somehow missed the great Wendell Berry meditation from 'Earth Prayers'.

We refer to our copy of that book many times throughout the year, and, even though Berry is one of my favorite writers, I hadn't read that particular piece before.

Peggy and I wish you guys a very good and productive 2007 there at Sand Creek and I'm looking forward to seeing the new windows in the house.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I can honestly say I read each and every one of those posts!
Happy New Years!

Mike said...

Great idea for a year-end synopsis, Deb. I hope 2007 brings you further delights!

Jimmy said...

Have a great New year...great the sunrise.

Deb said...

sue- that would be great to see on your blog! I'm thinking of putting this up on the side bar as kind of a "Best Of" link. Happy New Year!

Lynne- Happy New Year to you and your family too. I've enjoyed reading Hasty Brook this year.

Jim- Happy New Year to you and Peggy! I love "Earth Prayers"; it was given to us as a wedding gift by a lay pastor friend of my mom's.

FC- Yes, you definitely win the award for "most loyal reader and commenter!" I try not to miss anything at Pure Florida either. Happy New Year!

mike- and may you see 10,000 birds (at least) in the New Year!

jimmy- Happy New Year to you too, and welcome! I checked out your blog; looks like you're off to a great start, loved the tufted titmouse photo! I'll be back...

It's a white New Year's Eve here; the rain finally turned to snow at noon, coating tree branches and making travel unadvisable. With my cold I don't feel like going out anyway, so we'll have a nice evening here at home.

LauraHinNJ said...

I enjoyed this, Deb. So much more fun than just posting the first sentences.

I love *Earth Prayers* too - there's also a *Life Prayers* with the same format.

Happy New Year to you and yours!