Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A thump in the night

WARNING: Children should wear helmets when sleeping in the top bunk!

Vincent fell out of bed at about midnight last night. He's been sleeping in the top bunk for months, no problem, but I think he had too much stuff up there with him so he was sleeping too close to the edge. He ended up with an inch long gash just above one eyebrow, which he will probably get stitches in this morning. Russ wanted to drive him to the ER last night, to get stitches as soon as possible so there would be less of a scar, but I was a little hesitant to have him drive 25 miles, in the middle of the night and at bar closing time, for something that was not life threatening. I was awake for a couple of hours after that, rethinking the ramifications of my decision, but I was just going along with my instincts. Parenthood is never black and white, simple decisions. You just have to make a judgment call sometimes and hope it's the right one.

It was a cold one last night for late July: 39 degrees when I woke up!

UPDATE: Vincent is okay. He got four stitches, and it looks like the scar won't be too bad although there might be a little gap in his eyebrow. If that's the case he'll match me; I have a little scar in one eyebrow from when I was about his age. For being a good patient while getting stitches, he received some Twins baseball cards from the doctor: Kirby Puckett, Frank Viola, and Gary Gaetti--some of the heroes of 1987!


Dan Trabue said...

Here's hoping Vincent's fine, as I'm sure he is. Great photos above!

pablo said...

I hope you'll post about the medical outcome. My son has a scar below his right eye (he was run over by the Care Bears, believe it or not), and it's always good for conversation with his friends.

Floridacracker said...

39 degrees...You must have the only cool place in the lower 48!
I hope your little guy is feeling better. Your comment on parenthood and decision making is so true, we do the best we can and then worry it wasn't good enough.

Deb said...

The mental picture of a kid being brutally run over by the Care Bears is priceless!!! You'll have to tell the whole story some time.

I am in a cold spot's usually even a few degrees cooler than the surrounding area. Something to do with elevation and the effect from Lake Superior. More 30's forecast tonight!