Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pictures from the homestead

Gardening tip: For an easy garden that the birds will love, just don't mow or clean up under the bird feeder in the spring!

Our own "leaning birch", to borrow a name from one of my favorite blogs. I don't know why this little tree has issues with uprightness every time it rains; maybe its roots are in shallow soil over a big rock or something.

Status of the garden, 7/26. Some of the tomatoes are covered due to forecasts for temperatures in the 30's last night!

Russ working on the new house. He got the framework done for two sections of the back wall yesterday.

My 7 month old Siberian husky, Togo. I managed to get him to stop moving long enough for this photo.


pablo said...

Nice set of pix (except for that one showing somebody doing WORK). Good looking dog. Is he (she?) good with the kids?

madcapmum said...

I'm curious about the dog, too. Did you choose that breed for some reason related to your lifestyle, or you just like huskies? We're pondering what kind of dog would be most useful when we move out to our acreage... in the far too distant future.

Deb said...

Actually we got Togo because someone we knew was giving him away; he was the offspring of two of their huskies and they didn't have the space to keep all of the litter. Huskies are supposedly good family dogs, although at Togo's age he is still very excitable and I need to work with him on not jumping up on the kids. They are bred to pull sleds and they love to run, which is why he is chained up when I'm not taking him for a walk (actually when HE'S not taking ME for a RUN!)I'd like to take him inline skating with me, and maybe in the winter try skijoring, which is basically cross country skiing with the dog pulling the skier!