Monday, July 11, 2005

hot and hotter

It was a hot weekend with the high dewpoints that make it oh so comfortable. I got sweaty just watering the garden and mulching potatoes; I quit mulching after two potato beds on Sunday. My body just doesn't take heat well. Despite all the sweating I still feel bloated; I even had to take off my wedding ring because my fingers are so swollen.

Despite the heat, Russ finished insulating and installing the plywood floor of the new house. That was a big accomplishment, and to celebrate we loaded up the van and headed to Park Point Beach in Duluth Sunday afternoon. About half the population of Duluth and a million tourists had the same idea, but we got there late enough that the crowd was beginning to dwindle. Nina the Mermaid spent nearly the entire time swimming in the waters of Lake Superior, which seemed warmer than normal. Russ and I lounged on the beach watching the kids and watching people. I decided I must be the only woman under forty that doesn't have a tattoo right above my butt.

The as-yet-nameless kitten has decided already who's the boss of the house. It likes to climb up on the bed at 3 am and walk all over everyone, purring loudly and cuddling. Nothing like a furry neck warmer on a hot night.

I finally picked up some pictures that I took last winter, so I'll be posting a photo once in a while. These were taken on Ektachrome Pro slide film, and I'm impressed with the color and resolution, but I'm still anxious to go digital. Having film developed is an expense and a hassle these days.


madcapmum said...

Nope! My butt is also tattoo-free, but you'll have to take my word for it... ;)

It must be a wonderful thing to see that floor go on.

Keep writing!

the dharma bum said...

your husband was working with insulation in this heat and humidity??? ick!!!!

it's hot! good lord it's hot. managed to spend lots of time in the water this weekend... very necessary. glad you guys got to enjoy lake superior's cooling waters. i love that lake, but i don't think i've ever actually swam in it.

even though i've been sweating way more than i care for, summer in minnesota is fun if for no other reason than to experience the other end of the extreme. and life takes a different pace when it's hot and muggy like this, just like it does when it's 40 below.

stay cool!