Wednesday, June 15, 2005

song lyric idea...first draft

This just came to me as I was taking a noon walk. Much of the inspiration came from this post by lene at Leaning Birch.

Let me stand in the dark
so I can see you
let me fall to my knees
so I can run
plant my feet on solid ground
ancient roots of the white pine
so I can soar like an eagle
in the sky

That would probably be the chorus. Verses are yet to come...another walk someday perhaps.


the dharma bum said...

very nice. so cool to see this kind of "cross-pollination" going on in this little corner of the web. i look forward to hearing that song someday.

Erich said...

I would love to hear that verse with a mandolin or acoustic guitar. Keep on writing!

whollyman said...

I like it, keep going. I want to see how it fleshes out.