Monday, June 27, 2005

Gone fishin'

We finally did it. After years of excuses and missed opportunities and mowing around the boat trailer, we fired up the Evinrude and went fishing on Friday evening. My eight year old son had been fishing before, but this was a first for my daughter and younger son. We decided we can't have any more kids, because then we'd have to get a bigger boat.

It was the most relaxing, fun evening I had had in a long time. No tangled lines, no hooks embedded in flesh, and we actually caught a few fish! With the kids we were rigged mainly for bluegills and the like. We ended up with 7 or eight bluegills, one large black bullhead, and one large yellow bullhead. I was the only one who didn't catch anything, but I was having too good of a time watching everyone else and being on the lake to even care.


the dharma bum said...

That's really great. I'm very happy for your family. After a particular afternoon spent tooling around a local lake in our canoe, hardly paddling, just fishing and exploring the shoreline, my wife, never an angler, declared that her new favorite pastime is doing just that. Catching fish is such a small part of it.

Anyway, looks and sounds like a great afternoon (did you get a digital camera?)

Deb said...

It was so fun just BEING there. I forgot to mention there was a pair of loons calling to add to the beauty.

No, I didn't get my digital camera yet. I borrowed one from the office, just because I knew this would be too important to not get pictures.

Erich said...

Glad you all had fun. It must have felt nice out on the lake Friday night.

That kind of family time is priceless.