Friday, June 24, 2005

heard, but not seen

I solved an almost lifelong mystery today. There is a bird with a warbling, bubbling call, kind of like a trickle of water flowing in a rocky stream, up and down, back and forth. I remember hearing it often at Grandma and Grandpa's lake place. Since there were abundant house wrens there, and their call was similar, I just assumed in my young mind that it was a variation of the house wren's call.

This spring, when I had lived at our place long enough to know the soundscape, I realized that this bird's call was part of it. I also realized that there were more and more birds that I may have heard but had never seen. I had never put my house wren hypothesis to the test; this bird could be something new and different.

Last night I heard a bird call once, a strange melodic whistle in the moonlight. I tried to keep it in my mind long enough to check on eNature BirdAudio when I got to my computer at work. Unfortunately I did not find out what this bird was, but in the course of clicking on various birds I suddenly heard something familiar--the warbling vireo. That warbling, bubbly song. That's it! One more name to add to the multitude of living things that share my home. Although it is only heard, not yet seen, it exists and that thrills me.

Other birds heard but not (or only rarely) seen:

Red eyed vireo
Sedge wren
Ruby crowned kinglet
American redstart
Black and white warbler
Song sparrow
Least flycatcher
Alder flycatcher
who knows how many more?

And for those who "enjoy" nature by racing through it on their four wheelers, I say how can you enjoy nature when you don't even stop to hear it?


TroutGrrrl said...

Howdy Deb,

I just posted a little story today of my first American Redstart sighting ever - during my trout fishing vacation last week. What an entertaining little bird. Hyperactive, colorful, tolerant of my presence...what more could you ask for for your bird-entertainment dollar? I'd have never guessed that these are more often heard than seen.

Deb said...

Hi Troutgrrrl--thanks for stopping by! Your blog looks interesting too; I have it bookmarked so I can read more today.

They are fun little birds to watch. I do see them occasionally, but ever since I learned their call I realized there's a lot more of them in the woods by my house than I ever thought!