Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Spring appears overnight

Okay, time to stop being so political, for a while anyway. The way it's going, if I sit inside and rant for a day, I'll miss most of spring! That's the way it goes here in Minnesota; when spring finally arrives, as it has a bit early this year, it makes up for lost time. Things happen overnight. Now nearly all of the aspens are leafing out, as well as willows. Hills are painted lime green and ruby over the gray of branches. I went for a walk at noon along the dike between the fish rearing ponds and the river near my office. Almost spontaneously, the ground on the slope facing south, towards the river, is covered with the mottled leaves of wood anemone. No flowers yet, but maybe tomorrow. I did come across a flowering sedge at the edge of the path that I can't identify; the only thing I can find on the Internet is Carex physorhyncha, offshoot sedge. I never noticed it before.

There are a few tiny sprouts up in my garden; I don't remember which row is which at this point, but at this rate we'll be having fresh salads in a few weeks.

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Dan Trabue said...

I'm getting through to your page now. Not sure what was going on, but I had to add "www" to the link to your page to get it to work.

Great time of the year, seems like just last week the trees were pregnant but gray and now, green has birthed forth everywhere.