Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The way Jesus meant me to live

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a Christian, and whether in fact I am one. While I have no answers, I feel my life is being drawn in a certain direction. And that direction is, simply, to live the way Jesus commanded me to live. To love my neighbor as myself, and my enemy as well. To be concerned with how I treat the downtrodden, for "as you do unto the least of them, so have you done unto me". (Sorry, no Bible scholar here, don't have the Scripture reference in my brain.) So my husband has been buying hay and consequently having good conversations with a pastor/farmer in the area. They believe in starting a farm for those who find themselves homeless, in desperation, to teach them a new life. To produce organically grown, locally grown products, and at the same time teach people that there is an alternative to this spiritless way of life we've been taught to live. Sounds good to me, God give me the strengh to do Your will.

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Dan Trabue said...

I cannot agree more with you in that Jesus clearly let us know what we should be about in loving our neighbors and our enemies. He even clearly defined for us who our neighbors are.

If you wish to know more about Jesus, you can't go wrong by beginning with his Beatitudes teachings (Matthew 5-7) and the sheep and goats parable that you reference (Matthew 25).

And a farm for the homeless?! Beautiful! Love your stuff, sister.