Monday, March 14, 2005

Sick day

Not me, I'm feeling fine, but since yesterday my 7 year old son has been sick with laryngitis, cough, and occasional fever. He says he feels "squishy" sometimes; that would describe it pretty well! Having no pressing work obligations, and having accumulated over two weeks' sick leave for the first time in years, I volunteered to stay home with him. I may have seemed a bit eager about it too, because, well, I was. I'm not happy that he's sick, but there's something about taking a day off, extra cuddling, that just feels worth it.

We made Jello and let it set in the snow. I put together a glockenspiel kit that wasn't put together right the first time, and he read music and played "Row row row your boat". I organized a random mixture of Lincoln logs, Thomas the Tank Engine trains, Matchbox cars, and toy dinosaurs into separate containers. I helped my 3 year old son build a track for the engines. I cut up half gallon juice cartons into planting containers and made the tops into engine sheds for Thomas et al. I went through my seed collection and decided to plant greens and lettuce indoors so we would have our own fresh salad mix in May. I played my octave mandolin and decided I have a special relationship with it. I read Wendell Berry poems as my 3 year old drifted off to sleep in a much-needed nap.

What a day!

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