Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Swans and kestrels

I saw swans on the Kettle River yesterday. They were far enough away, and I was driving fast enough, that at first I thought maybe they were just chunks of ice. But I was curious enough to turn around--which took about two miles on that stretch of road--and there they were, with a few ducks and geese. Spring is definitely arriving. I've also seen two kestrels, and maybe a merlin, which is a bit bigger and lighter. But I'm still seeing great gray owls--maybe they'll stay here?

I heard a pack of wolves or coyotes last night, VERY close. What a wild, haunting sound.

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Dan Trabue said...

What a glorious wonder it is to hear your regular tales of what is happening outside your window. A coyote lullaby. Fantastic!