Wednesday, May 06, 2015

What I'm thinking about right now (in no particular order)

I have not had the time (or, more accurately, made the time) for a coherent blog post lately. So many threads in the Dude's head.. So I'll fire some of them off here, more for a mental exercise for myself than for anyone's reading pleasure. So you're warned.

-It is getting green around here fast, and a couple weeks ahead of last year..
-First Ovenbird was heard this morning. 
-Pretty sure I heard an Eastern towhee here yesterday. That's a first.
-My son graduates in less than a month. Yes, I am freaking out about that. 
-My schedule this week is booked solid with baseball games and band concert.
-The band concert was emotional. A tribute to Colton. 
-I knew it would be, and I almost didn't want to go.
-But I did. 
-The East Central Eagles baseball team has won two games in a row. 
-I love watching high school baseball.
-I ran my first 10K last Saturday.
-Found out that people who run a 10 minute + mile do not generally run 10Ks. But I got my goal. 
-It hurts for longer than I thought after running a 10K. I have a bruise on the sole of my foot near a middle toe. 
Running the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon next on June 20. Staying in a suite in Duluth's Canal Park with an old friend and a bunch of other runners. FUN! 
-My boss retired. I naturally applied for the job. We'll see. 
-Yoga felt really good tonight.

That is all. Namaste.


Pablo said...

A fine collection of random thoughts.

webb said...

Hope you get the job. Wonder why they didn't start looking before s/he left, so there would be more handover? Wonder if they want new ideas? Good luck!

Deb said...

Webb, that's just the way state hiring works. They have to open the job up to anyone who may be interested, including current Area Supervisors who want to move to a different area. But there was a very short time, one week, it was posted, which makes me think they aren't interested in bringing in someone from outside of the state. In the end it will be whoever they think is the best fit for the job. I think I have the local knowledge that only comes from experience. We'll see.