Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Thoughts for the day on writing

I came across this post by Parker J. Palmer on the On Being blog, via Facebook:

Three Eternal (So Far) Truths about Living and Writing

1. Care more about the process than the outcome.
2. Be generous in order to maximize the chances of dumb luck.
3. Dive deep, dwell in the dark, and value beginner's mind no matter how loudly your ego protests.
 ~and~ don't write about what you know. Write about what you want to know because it intrigues and baffles you.


Pablo said...

That "write what you know" is supposed to be said only to beginners until they find their great subject and voice. And you're right: write what you want to know about.

Hope prom comes off well.

Jayne said...

Perfect advice! Now, to make myself use it and continue writing on my blog. Oy.