Friday, October 11, 2013

Same scene, different year

I am thankful that, if I have to have a 30 minute commute to work, at least I get to do it in light traffic with some gorgeous scenery along the way, especially this time of year. According to my computer, this photo was taken October 6, 2006. The leaves looked about the same today as I crossed the Kettle River.

I savor my drives to and from work this time of year, the brilliance and ever changing hues of the leaves. I know that in just a few weeks, cold gray November will be upon us, which makes the beauty of the leaves and the blue sky even more precious.


Pablo said...

I have a 2 mile commute to work, and the only way it gets long is if I'm stuck behind a school bus.

Of course the scenery in suburbia is not nearly as nice as what you get.

Jayne said...

So, so pretty Deb. I too, love this time of year and the gift of seeing such beauty.

Susan Maricle said...

I remember that fall I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a deer jump over my car on the Kettle River Bridge. Enjoy the scenery and stay safe this winter!