Thursday, October 03, 2013

Rainy night fire karma

Tonight I am proud of the fact that I managed to get a fire going in the wood stove on the first try. For some reason, fire starting has been a skill that has eluded me, and I have generally left it up to The Hermit. But since The Hermit is away during the week now, taking classes in Ashland, Wisconsin, weeknight fire starting duties are up to me for the most part.

It is supposed to be rainy all weekend, with high temperatures in the 50's. Very normal for this time of year, but I still feel I am owed a warm autumn, given the very late spring we had this year. My garden may have finally given up the ghost with 30 degree temperatures the other night, but I'm not ready to give up September into October.

I also started working on a project. On July 3rd, I had a wonderful time playing a one hour set of music at a pavilion at the Carlton County Fairgrounds. I hope to share some video on this blog soon, but I was also able to get a pretty good quality audio recording through the sound board. My task now is to break a 47 megabyte MP3 into individual tracks. A friend has assured me I can do this with the GarageBand app I have on my iPad. Big learning curve for me, but it is useful knowledge. And, I am grateful I have had some musical opportunities this year.


Pablo said...

I'm eager to hear your music. And your wood stove adventure actually sounds . . . evocative.

Jayne said...

Fire starting is a practiced skill for sure. You go girl!

Can't wait to hear some more of your music here!

Denise said...

Getting that creaky brain hard at work learning a new skill can only be good! And congratulations on the fire. THAT should stop the bats from coming down the chimney! ;-)