Friday, August 26, 2011

Totally effortless compost garden, revisited

Remember the stuff I had growing in my compost bin? Take a look now. I love this kind of gardening!

 Yeah, there's a compost bin in there, somewhere. But it has been overtaken by squash, tomatillos, corn, and a tomato plant, although like most of my other tomatoes this year, it is not faring well. I don't know what it is with me and tomatoes this year. Oh well.

I have at least five of these acorn type squash ripening on the vine. The funny thing is, they do not look like any acorn squash I have ever planted before. The coloration looks a lot like Delicata squash, which I did plant last year, in the same bed as acorn squash. I think they somehow cross-pollinated, and the seeds I scraped out of one and tossed in the compost bucket grew into this. I can't wait to try the result; maybe I have come up with a new heirloom! Delicata are delicious, acorn squash are delicious. A cross between them....we'll see!

I also have at least three Montana Jack pumpkins growing where I planted them last year, but where this year potatoes are ready to be harvested. And I will have a bumper crop of tomatillos from several garden beds, even though I did not get around to planting them this year. I love this kind of gardening.


webb said...

You can't beat that! The squash is beautiful - hope it tastes good!

Your compost garden is lovely, too.

arcolaura said...

Aren't squashes known for cross-pollinating readily? I remember something between pumpkin and spaghetti squash when I was a kid.

Casey said...

Lucky you! I have lillies and ragweeed growing from mine. I like yours better.

Anonymous said...

Deb, I was fascinated with your compost garden post. That is so awesome. One year I did get tomatoes in mine, but now it's more like what Casey describes!
Momadness, (Mo being Missouri)aka vickie in kc