Sunday, February 13, 2011

February thaw

Garrison Keillor had a great observation on "A Prairie Home Companion" yesterday. While I don't recall the exact wording, it went something like this:
It's a fact of human psychology. When you're someplace cold and the weather is warmer than what's expected, it always feels warmer than when you're someplace warm and it's colder than expected.
That would explain why I was sitting out on the deck in short sleeves yesterday drinking a Hop Ottin' and watching the afternoon sun disappear behind the pines. It was 35 degrees.

Of course, I was basking in the afterglow of some outdoor physical activity, brought on by the warm sunny weather. Sometime in the middle of the afternoon I had the urge to go running. I had not been running in oh, several months or so, at least since school started in September. Why? I don't really know. Lack of time I'm sure had something to do with it, but also lack of motivation. I wish I could explain the lack of motivation part. Running always feels incredibly good to me, and it has done great things for my body over the last three years. But for some reason, last summer and fall I wasn't really into it. Oh well. There's always a chance for a new beginning.

I only ran up to the corner and back, about 1.2 miles. I was going to go farther, but my rational brain told me that probably was not a good idea considering the above paragraph. So I went that far, and it felt just right. Pretty good, as a matter of fact. So good that when I got back I saw the big step ladder, and the shovel, and the foot and a half of snow on the cabin roof, and thought it would be a good time to get some of that snow weight off of there, before ice dams and leakage and all that good stuff set in. I went up, and actually had a good time. The part of the roof that needed shoveling is not steep at all, hence the need to shovel, so I was not worried about falling. Calvin joined me, which was a good thing because there was a LOT of snow up there, more than one person could comfortably handle. We got the job done in the afternoon sunlight and relative warmth, and it was nice being up on the roof, enjoying the view.

After the roof was done, I rewarded myself with the Hop Ottin' IPA, from Anderson Valley Brewing Company in California (just up the road from that nice beach where the photo in the last post was taken). But I swear it wasn't the beer, even though it probably had something to do with it, but for the longest time that afternoon I felt better than I had in  LONG time. My whole body just felt warm and tingling and alive. That feeling lasted into the evening when at last I stepped inside, sat in front of the wood stove with another beverage, and listened to "A Prairie Home Companion" broadcasting live from Bemidji, MN, which is even more of an icebox than here.

Of course, payback is hell. Today I'm hurting in places I haven't hurt in a long time. I am so anxious to continue my running, to feel the way I felt yesterday, but as the earth thaws and the sunlight returns I know the time to do that will return also. Yesterday was just an appetizer.


Floridacracker said...

Really nice post Deb.
Funny to think 35 is a warm spell.

Our heat went out yesterday and of course it's freezing again tonight so I'm in the living room with a roaring fire, but I think you guys might be sitting out on the porch if you were here.

About the running, I'm doing P90X and as hard as some of the workouts are, I always feel so good after I complete each one.
Some days, I have to force myself to push PLAY on that DVD, but it always seems to be worth it at the end.

Jayne said...

I suppose it really is all about perspective! 35 here and it's freezing! :c) Sounds like a wonderful day, though like you, I tend to do things like that and pay for it the next day when my body says, 'Uh, not so fast.'

webb said...

I love it! 35 on the deck, while I was clutching my down coat today at 55! Perspective, indeed.

Take it easy on your body. Altho I do encourage a bit of exercise. Have missed jazzercise three days in a row, so am jonesing for it!

Enjoy your warm spell!

Lausten North said...

Did you hear the Terry Gross interview last night with the guy who runs the ultra-marathons in the Arctic. Made me feel like a couch potato.