Friday, July 23, 2010

we 'r Siamese, if you please

This may just be the cutest kitteh ever. Really.

I have always had a thing for Siamese cats. Even when I was not yet four years old, I guess I fell in love with a friend's Siamese and announced to my parents that I wanted a Siamese cat for my fourth birthday. Amazingly they obliged with Mittens, my first ever seal point Siamese. I was hooked.

We have a strange cat gene pool around here. There are a few outdoor cats that somehow showed up, and every year we get a few kittens. We have had a few blue eyed Siamese mixes over the years, including Puffball, a grey Siamese who died suddenly of a blood clot, and Boofy (a.k.a. Blue Flame), a flame point Siamese with the bluest eyes ever. He insists on sleeping with me every night.

But this year there was one litter, from a nondescript black and gray tabby, that included this very Siamese looking kitten. We brought it inside to protect it when it reached the exploring age. Our dog Togo would have had it for a plaything otherwise. We kept it in the rabbit cage for a while, to protect it from Sally and the adult indoor cats.

Originally, we were going to give this kitten to a friend of Starflower's. But as we cared for it, we somehow came to the decision we could not part with it. So Frisky, the Friskinator, whatever you want to call it, is our newest house kitty. Like we needed another one. But like I said, I have a thing for Siamese.


Richard said...

Just as cute as when I saw her last. Sure is growing.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Beautiful kitty.

vicki said...

You know me- I read but rarely comment. But I'm with you here- I love Siamese. We had one- Misty- for 23 years, the final two she spent sleeping under the buffet and terrorizing the cleaning lady; there were many dust bunnies under there when she died. I loved her, she was a great talker and had a wonderful personality, right after I could afford to get her spayed. I was a freshman at U-M when I got her and she went into heat during the middle of exam week that year. The yowling was so intense and the other students complaining so that I put her in my Cutlass Olds convertible for the night- where she almost literally tore her way out. The car was never the same. After that I took up a collection (many willing donors) and got her spayed and she lived a very long and happy life and both children remember her fondly. As I type this I am waiting for my kittehs to arrive- it's been 7 weeks! since I came to finish the mountain house, leaving husband and cats behind. It's almost midnight. I wish they would hurry!

In any case- this sweetie looks like a keeper. She is very very pretty, Deb. Enjoy!

vicki said...

(I guess as someone who has worked at a zoo, "estrus" is a bit more accurate that "heat"- although she was certainly hot.

Floridacracker said...

cute face!

Deb said...

Richard- I am really bad at kitten sex identification, but it appears she may be a he! I'll bring it to the vet and see which operation it gets, I guess...

Lynne- Even The Hermit likes it.

Vicki- Great story! Wow, 23 years...that's long even for a cat! Hope you and your kittehs and your husband can be reunited soon and start enjoying that wonderful house!

FC- Yes, I said no more indoor kitties until I saw that face.