Thursday, August 20, 2009


I never got around to emptying the nine tenths of an inch of rain we got over the weekend from the gauge. So when it started raining yesterday morning I made a mental note to subtract that from whatever was in there when it stopped raining.

It poured all day and did not stop until around 7 in the evening. At work I had to put on waders to move my car, which was in a puddle several inches deep.

When I finally got out to the rain gauge, I poured off the first inch of rain. We have one of those gauges with an overflow catcher thing, so I filled the gauge from there. Then I filled it again, and again, and again. The total from today: over five inches. I don't think I've seen a rainfall like that since we've been living here!

I blame Starflower. The evening before she had washed a load of her clothes and hung them out to dry. :)

We're still playing catch-up from a drought period, so this rainfall will help recharge the groundwater and get Sand Creek flowing a little faster. There's no danger of flooding here, unless we get a huge rain that completely fills up about fifty acres of wetland upstream.

Today I'll be on the road, driving southwest to Sioux Falls SD (yes, I'll actually make it to another state besides Wisconsin) to bring the kids to stay at my stepdaughter and her fiance's in Nebraska for a few days. How do I spend a kid-free weekend at Sand Creek? Rumor has it there may be some home improvement projects in the works...I'll keep you posted.


Caroline said...

I drove due east to Sioux Falls last weekend to pick up my youngest daughter from a visit to her sisters in Minnesota (MSP and Springfield). trip from the Black Hills was interesting, see photos from another direction of travel on my blog (
Safe travels.

Pablo said...

Photos, I want photos!

Deb said...

Caroline- Somehow, after I dropped off the kids at Sioux Falls, part of me was wanting to just continue west! I'll take a look at your photos tomorrow. Ever since grad school at Brookings (has it really been 20 years?!) I have loved driving through South Dakota.

Pablo- I took some photos of my 300 mile journey up MN 23 after the meeting in Sioux Falls; I should also take some of the raging torrent that is Sand Creek. Lots of blog material for the next few days. The kids are darn near your territory, halfway between Lincoln and Omaha.

Jayne said...

We, too, got some blessed rain yesterday. After you've been parched, it really does feel and smell like manna from heaven! Be safe on your journey Deb. :c)