Saturday, June 13, 2009

garden visitor

This picture was taken by the kids the other day. The nerve, to be so close to my garden beds in broad daylight! I think she may have even snacked on some lettuce or kale. Some kind of protection is definitely in order.

I spent the day hauling composted horse manure from a pile out towards the pond to the garden beds about 100 yards away, then working it in with the Mantis. I didn't get all of the beds ready for planting, but I'm getting close. It started raining about 3:30, which was a good quitting time. While I was hauling one load, I picked up a red bellied snake for the kids to see. It is temporarily residing in the former turtle-quarium. Temporarily is the operative word here. :)


Madcap said...

Oh deer! Where were your dogs at the crucial moment?

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one late with the planting. What are your daytime highs right now?

Jayne said...

What a brave visitor! My mom and dad have an entire family of bunnehs coming to feast on their lettuce. They finally just surrendered it as the joy of watching them was even better than the taste of the lettuce. :c)

Anonymous said...

Keep that red bellied snake in the garden. They love slugs and snails, the other visitors you're going to have to your gardens.

Deb said...

Madcap- Dogs were either indoors, in a kennel, or on a chain. I think I may need to let them roam free a bit more!

Today it is finally getting up towards 80, but it's mostly been in the sixties, with lows in the forties. Not that I'm complaining, but some of my garden crops do like a little heat.

Jayne- I can understand that; it would be too cute!

Anonymous- good idea! Maybe I should create some snake-friendly habitat around there- big shady objects to hide under, rocks for sunning...oh yeah, we already have plenty of those!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Deb, she looks pretty skinny! I'm sure she's trying to keep up her energy for the fawn (or 2) she's hiding in your woods somewhere!

Erica said...

She does look skinny. We have a deer (or other large animal) that must be sleeping in the tall grass between our rows of honeysuckles. Oliver and I discoverd some matted down patches of grass. I keep hoping to sneak out there and see who or what it is!