Saturday, April 11, 2009

the long awaited day

With a string of sunny days with temperatures in the 50's, the ice is finally losing its grip on lakes. I've been watching the ice on the pond darken and pull away from shore further each day. Yesterday there was finally enough open water for a very excited Labrador to do what she enjoys best.

Sally was wondering why Mr. Attitude and I were standing on shore. Cold? What cold?

She was shivering just a bit as she did the shakeoff.

I came across something unusual a few feet from the water:

These remains were once a fairly good sized black crappie. From time to time a few odd bluegills have ended up in the pond, never to be seen again. I vaguely recall helping a few very small crappies find their way to this body of water at least two years ago, but I never saw any sign of them. Until now. I'm guessing this one succumbed to low oxygen levels, and floated up on shore when the ice receded. Some lucky critter made a meal of it.

It's another beautiful day here. I hope you enjoy your day!


Madcap said...

Now that I've seen your post I think I'll hold off on breakfast for a while...


Isn't it GREAT to see things thawing?! Even mud up to my armpits isn't getting me down too much when I see that eternal snow finally disappearing.

Yoop! Spring!

Lynne said...

Art and I spent all of yesterday up at Hasty Brook and boy that creek is running high and fast! I saw some fish, maybe 12-16 inches long swimming upstream past the bridge. Any ideas what they were?

Floridacracker said...

Go Sally Go!

It was a pond post that first brought me to Sand Creek :)

Deb said...

Madcap- I forget I am so used to seeing dead, decomposing fish. :)

Oh yes, the mud. We have it. But on a day like today it's glorious!

Lynne- Northern pike would be running up the stream this time of year. Or white suckers. Glad you spent the day there!

FC- Sally seems to be a much happier dog now that she can swim. And I am thankful for the pond post that brought you here.

Endment said...

Ah the freedom of spring

Have a happy day

Mary Anne said...

Oh, that makes me miss my lab. He spent many an exuberant April and May morning in the MN woods crashing through the skim of ice on the puddles and ponds in the forest.

RuthieJ said...

I can tell you (from recent experience) that the water even without ice in it is REALLY cold!
Do you tease Sally about acting like such a blonde??