Thursday, October 18, 2007


Remember this?

With our recent rains, the pond is full once more. It's hard to compare the photos because they were taken from slightly different vantage points, but I assure you the water level has risen by over a foot.

How much rain have we had? I don't know, because I haven't felt like sloshing out to the rain gauge, but in the last few days I'm guessing a few inches. Today it's supposed to finally move on, pushed by some strong winds from the southwest. Yesterday the wind was out of the northeast and there were supposedly 10-14 foot waves on Lake Superior. I thought the six foot waves were bad enough!

I think we've had enough rain now. And wind. I need to get my garlic planted, and I want The Hermit to take the tractor and scoop up some good composted horse manure to fill the garden beds for next year, but the horse pasture is a muddy mess right now. I might end up planting the garlic in the same beds as last year, just because they have the most good soil in them. We also need to move the sheep tractor, the poor woolly things are sitting on a spongy bed of old hay.

At least the geese are happy.

Birds of note: Yesterday I saw my first rough-legged hawk of the fall.


Floridacracker said...

It's important for geese to be happy.

Nifty Galoot said...

Good luck with the garden and planting your garlic. Got 3.18 inches of rain this week, here west of you, along the Mississippi river. The river's really come up a lot. I still have a few shallots to get out of the garden and around 600 glad bulbs to dig. It'd be a muddy mess running the potato digger and digging bulbs now. We can hope it'll dry out some next week!

Deb said...

FC- Yes, I guess. Those geese are the most obnoxious critters...but they do make good driveway alarms. Nothing gets by unnoticed.

Nifty G- I checked the rain gauge tonight, and you had about the same as here. Luckily my raised garden beds dry out fast, and tomorrow's supposed to be nice.

Anonymous said...

We've had 2.5 inches here in southern MN this past week. The farmers around here are really hurting. Some still have soybeans to get out and over half of the corn has not been harvested yet, let alone plowing the fields. By now the harvest should be wrapping up. A Roughed-legged Hawk! That is so cool!