Friday, September 02, 2005

My "to-do" list

I'm really suffering from writer's block here. I can't think of anything deep or poetic to say. Maybe it's the whole Katrina catastrophe that has me overwhelmed and speechless. I believe nothing will ever be the same for anyone in this country, for a number of reasons. And the lack of leadership is appalling and inexcusable.

So I'll just post my "to do" list for this three day weekend, and see how much of it actually gets done.

  • Laundry (of course)
  • Clean house and vacuum up white dog hairs (never ending job)
  • Make crabapple jelly from juice I prepared last week
  • Prepare more crabapple juice
  • Find a gallon glass container for crabapple liqueur; start liqueur
  • Can or freeze the green beans my neighbor brought over
  • Make and can salsa verde and tomato salsa (Yes! finally!)
  • Water the garden; clean out pole bean vines, which are history
  • Take Togo for a long walk/run
  • Play at least one instrument; give Calvin a guitar lesson
  • Go fishing in Sand Creek
  • Enjoy the Twin Pines spot in the woods
  • Listen to "Folk Migrations" Saturday night on KUMD-Duluth. Last week it was awesome.
  • Visit my neighbor P and compare garden notes
  • Help The Hermit lift floor joists
  • Practice doing Starflower's hair so it isn't a struggle on school mornings
  • Hug my kids. And my husband.
Have a good weekend, everyone!


the dharma bum said...

Not a bad to-do list, if only because it's all stuff you get to do around home and with your family... Sounds like you'll be busy, but I'm glad to see that enjoying the twin pines spot and hugging your family are on there.

I too just don't know what to say or how to say it watching what's happening. Makes me think about what we are as humans, makes me scared, makes me angry... But mostly, makes me realize what's important.

Take care and have a good long weekend.

madcapmum said...

You have a good weekend, too, Deb, you busy lady! And everytime you think of the hurricane's victims, put "hugs" back at the top of the list. That's how I'm coping.

Floridacracker said...


lené said...

Sounds like a tasty weekend. Wish we could swap some pesto for jelly. Hope you have a good one.

TroutGrrrl said...

Your post is helpful to read. I'm having a hard time thinking about anything but our fellow citizens in the disaster zone down south and the horrible incompetence we're demonstrating with help and relief efforts (this is apparent if you've visited my blog). It's a holiday weekend, but I don't feel very good about vacationing. I've got a good list of things to do around home also; your example of focusing on that is steadying. Thanks.