Thursday, September 08, 2005

More reasons to eat organic

This article, just posted online by Environmental Health Perspectives, describes a study in which levels of certain commonly used organophosphate pesticides dropped significantly in urine samples from children who switched to a mostly organic diet for just five days.

Of course, the big chemical companies will counter with "but those children were perfectly healthy even when they ate a pesticide-laden diet, weren't they?"

I'm not so sure. With all the immune-related illnesses these days, and the hundreds of thousands of chemicals we are bombarded with which make it virtually impossible to prove cause-and-effect, I'll err on the side of caution. Last night it was broccoli and potatoes from the garden.


Walter Jeffries said...

A good idea but unfortunately the label "Organic" has been taken over by big business such that now we have "organic" chickens that were raised in huge indoor barns and even in cages, "organic" beef that is feed "organic" feed in stock yards rather than grazed, etc. Ideally people should get back to growing much of their own foods or at least buying locally from sources they know and can trust to do it right. Organic has become just one more marketing term.

Deb said...

I agree, and I am all for choosing local, minimally processed food grown with methods that build the soil and work with the ecosystem. It's disgusting how mega-corporations are jumping on the "organic" bandwagon just because it's the hottest trend in food sales. I predict a huge backlash as people search for "real" least I hope...