Tuesday, February 08, 2005

another 5 owl day!

Just when I thought they were going away, along with them my luck...I saw 3 great gray owls along county road 32 east of Askov, where I've been lucky to see one lately. And then when I got home, I decided to drive north to the corner of our road, to see if I could see "our" owl, one that's been hanging around the vicinity of our property. Well not only did I see "our" owl, I saw another one, within a half mile! "Our" owl was on a willow at the outlet to the pond, then when it saw me it flew a couple times to various fence posts along the horse pasture, before flying to a small white pine across the pond. I think these owls are getting more savvy to cars, judging by the reactions to them. So this has me wondering, how much does pure chance have to do with bird sightings? It may be worth my time to record my daily sightings, as the "city birders" do not get this rare opportunity.

But I still have not seen my Northern Hawk Owl. argggghhh... but I will.

I did see a bald eagle today on the way to work, just about a mile west of my road along the main road. I'm so used to seeing grat gray owls now, at first I thought it was one. I always pause in awe every time I see an eagle, and think how fortunate I am to live in an area where I can see such wonders daily! I will never see an eagle, or a great gray owl, or for that matter even the smallest chickadee, and not thank the Great Spirit for the gift of such a sighting.

These gifts are what sustains me lately, as I am dealing with frustrating financial issues. I just want to live my simple life, not be bothered with such things, and all of a sudden I'm afraid to even open the mailbox! This too shall pass...repeat ad nauseum and on the way drink a few beers to numb the reality...This too shall pass...

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