Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A poem for today

I have been making an effort to write lately. And, I have been reading Walt Whitman and the Tao the Ching. So here is the result. Shades of Wendell Berry too I think.

Perhaps the most rebellious act
Is to offer your wealth to those who need it more.
We cannot begin to fix anything
until we realize that all are one
and we treat each other that way
That which you have done unto the least of these
you have done unto me

Share all that you have
Abolish greed
Say no to war.

Quit treating the Bible as a set of rules to get to heaven
Quit thinking the solution to everything
Is more rules and more enforcement
The more the rules are enforced
The more the innocent will be judged.

Stop seeing "us" and "them"
Celebrate uniqueness and diversity
See the divine in all, humans and non humans
And the sacredness of every stone.
Know that water is life.

Say no to excess
Question your lifestyle
Live closer to the earth
And walk in her exquisite beauty.

Laugh, sing, play a musical instrument 
Make love under the full moon
Count the stars and plant seeds
Learn the woods and the rivers 

Quit being busy
Do nothing, and everything.
Quit watching the news
Make your own good news
In the small part of earth you can reach.

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