Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My temporary residence

I am here, at Edisto Beach, South Carolina for a week. This is my first real vacation in many years, and I think I needed it! Our rental house feels like a palace to me, and it is just a block away from the beach. I am sitting on that upper porch right now. Nina is taking a candlelight Jacuzzi; I have not found the time to try out that fancy tub yet!

Edisto Beach is probably one of the most laid back beach communities anywhere. No big hotels or condos, no noisy strip with college bars, just houses ranging from minimal to luxury, and a nice beach. They do a really good job of marking loggerhead sea turtle nests and educating people about what these turtle babies need to make it to the sea.

When we first arrived here, after a 24+ hour drive, made possible by Vinny taking a couple driving shifts, after saying a quick hello to relatives staying nearby, the kids and I headed towards the beach. All of the stress of trip planning and being on the road melted away as soon as my feet felt the water rushing over them. Soon we were swimming, me and the kids, and body surfing as if we'd done it all our lives.

Today as we were swimming in the late afternoon, Joe told me he thought he had seen a shark's fin. I asked him, "are you sure it wasn't a dolphin?" Sure enough, we saw several more of them surfacing just out from where we were swimming. I am so glad my kids get to see the ocean like this. Vinny bought a surf fishing rod with money he has saved up from mowing the neighbors' lawn. And some frozen squid for bait. I bet he'll be out fishing all day tomorrow.

So much more to tell, but the lesson learned is this: Everyone needs a vacation. It is good to see places that are unfamiliar, especially if there is a beach involved. I think I must have been a surfer in a former lifetime. I have this thing for beaches.


Pablo said...

Sounds fantastic! Send me a post card.

Jayne said...

I'm so happy to hear it's everything you'd hoped it would be and more Deb! Have a wonderful time!!

Carla said...

Definitely agree with you: everybody needs a vacation every once in a while. It sets your mind free and makes you forget about daily problems to focus on the beauty of life. When I discovered this, some years ago, I decided that every year I was going to travel to a new country, till I had seen the whole world (may be half of it, I don´t have so many years left haha). So my first adventure was Argentina: a country I only knew about because of Tango but that was it. I got this Buenos Aires temporary rent and just went there with my husband. It was such a good experience that after returning, I decided I was going to make two trips a year, that way I can see the whole world!