Wednesday, October 05, 2011

fall is happening

And I am doing my best to stay awake for it. Life seems more hectic here than ever; I haven't even had the time to stop at my refuge, Banning State Park, for over a week. These are photos from my last visit there, and my, things have changed in a few days.

It has been unseasonably warm and very dry here. The fall colors are beautiful, but I enjoy them more on a crisp, cool day.

My life mostly revolves around driving to work, and driving my kids to and from sports. My 2006 Subaru Outback just hit the 100,000 mile mark two days ago, which is not out of the question considering we live 15 miles from school and 30 miles from my job, but still it is a sobering reminder that I am, for now, dependent on driving. I love these fall days, but sometimes I wish the progression of the seasons, and the events in my life, would just slow down for once so I could enjoy them a little.

I mean, how in the heck did my kids end up so old already? :)


Anonymous said...

Your photos are lovely, Deb. It is becoming beautifully fall here in Kansas City, too. The neighborhood trees are glorious in their color. Our temps here have been near perfect, but it's terribly dry and we need rain. The squirrels are running around with nuts in their mouths that are so big I don't know how they carry them!

Floridacracker said...

Beautiful photos, Deb!
I too wonder how did my kids get all grown up?

Susan said...

It's not always easy to stop and smell the roses -- or photograph the fall colors -- but it's so important to one's peace of mind. Beautiful photos, Deb.

Down in southeast MN the trees by the gravel pit are turning color while the rest of the area resembles Kansas. Cornshucks left behind by combines are blowing in the wind like snow. I expect to see Miss Gulch on her bicycle any moment now...

Deb said...

Vickie- We had a big wind last night, and now most of the leaves are gone. :(

FC- If I blink once more my kids will be as grown up as yours.

Susan- Yes, I'm glad that living in the country gives me more of a chance to appreciate the natural beauty. Although is a disturbing amount of corn being grown in the area now!

The photos are a tribute to Steve Jobs' ingenuity, as they were taken on my iPhone. Still not as good as with my digital camera, but it's amazing I can get blog quality photos from such a small device.

Anonymous said...

Well dang, Deb. apparently your big wind has become our big wind the past couple days here in kc. Leaves blowing furiously but plenty still on trees. Need rain badly, tho, and plenty of it. Terribly dry in these parts.
vickie, aka momadness