Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Minnesota weather...just follow the bouncing ball

As I sit here in the very un-air conditioned cabin, it is probably about 90 degrees. The Twin Cities had a record high of at least 103 degrees for this date, so I should be thankful I'm at least in the outer reaches of the Lake Superior cooling effect. But if I remember correctly, and I do have a short memory when it comes to these things, we had frost last week. And, lows in the 30's are predicted by the end of the week. So it's a good thing half the garden is still a jungle and the beautiful heirloom tomato plants my neighbor Patty gave me are not in the ground yet.

Does anyone from Minnesota (Lynne?) remember the Northwestern National Bank Weatherball? In the days before the Internet and instant weather updates, the bank had a cool idea: build a gigantic neon ball atop your building, come up with some catchy slogans ("Blinking white- cold weather is in sight), and there--you're a Minneapolis icon! I remember I even had a plastic coin bank with a replica of the weatherball. Unfortunately, the bank building was damaged beyond repair in a Thanksgiving Day 1982 fire that was caused by arson in the neighboring vacant Donaldson's department store building. The bank became NorWest, then Wells Fargo, and the weather ball was no more.

I thought about the weather ball today and the wisdom it might hold. I would have had another code for it: Weather ball is pink--don't blink. The weather will change in a minute!

I do have a blog post in mind about a great weekend, which involved, among other things, the most ukuleles I have seen in one place at one time. But that will have to wait.


barefoot gardener said...

I remember my Grandma telling me that if I didn't like the weather in MN, I should just wait 5 minutes and it would change. Yup. You got that one right, Grams...

I had to have the Mr. put the A/C in the window yesterday. I gotta be able to sleep during the day, and it has been just miserable! Looking forward to those cooler temps, for sure!!!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Deb- I do remember the Weather Ball! and- I had that bank too! Weird weather and quick changes, I guess we should be used to it. I heard that MSP had the highest temp of any city in the US today. Crazy!

Jayne said...

It's bizarre to see most ALL of the country, with the exception of the northwest and Maine, colored red and in the 90's! No, there's no issue with climate change... really. It's barely June and we're getting late July and August temps for days on end. It was 98 here the other day...ugh!

webb said...

It's the same in Virginia - 95 yesterday and 98 today - cooler promised tomorrow, maybe 93. Fortunately, the humidity has not gone sky high yet, so it's still bearable.

I used to say that if you don't like the weather here, just wait five days, but that's not so true anymore, either.

We've hunkered down and are practicing all our pre-A/C behaviors like closing the blinds on the sunny side, and running the ceiling fans.

Sorry everyone else is having to put up with this, too!