Monday, April 11, 2011

Annual exuberant pond opening post!

Today was the day. The pond is 99% ice free, and of course Sally had to celebrate. We humans will wait a while, at least until the water temperature is within 30 degrees of body temperature.

Spring is unfolding in the wondrous way it always does. Birds are returning, woodcock are doing their spectacular display, ruffed grouse are drumming, robins are singing, and in the last couple of days, frogs have started singing. It's a wonderful time here.


webb said...

Go, Sally, go! The pond LOOKS very inviting, but I am with you on that 30-degree thing.

Floridacracker said...

Love that Sally! She looks great and not bothered by near freezing water at all.

Casey said...

Howdy "neighbor"! (I'm from NE Iowa) Found your blog through Nature Remains - hope you don't mind me stopping by now and then.

I hope you're able to avoid the snow the we received overnight, because the scenery up there sure looks good without it! I know it does with the snow, too, but enough can be enough, eh? Lots of it was to be had this winter...

Take care -


Deb said...

Webb- Now she's pouting because it's windy and in the upper 30's with occasional snow flurries, and I'm not taking her to the pond until the weather gets better!

FC- She and Bear would have a lot of fun together.

Casey- Welcome, thanks for stopping by! We got a little snow here but it's almost gone already. This spring just can't make up its mind!

Kay said...

Your woods and pond look lovely. Spring in places where there is a "real winter" (unlike south TX) is such an inspirational thing!
Kay(saw you on Twitter)