Saturday, January 08, 2011

one week into the new year...

I've been thinking about time a lot lately. Or, more specifically, the lack of free time I seem to be experiencing, and the discombobulated state of mind that results. Not to mention the lack of blog posts. I still have a lot to say, but in order to blog I need to sit down in front of the computer, the real computer, not the iPhone, and ideally have some peace and quiet while I compose my thoughts. The computer is still located in the cabin, which is not a bad place for it. When I came out to the cabin twenty minutes ago I had it to myself. Now three boys are here playing video games while The Hermit decided now was the perfect moment to pick up a month's worth of cans and trash from all around (This is a man cave, after all, and I DON'T clean here.) We are still configuring the wi-fi signal so it reaches the house consistently, and I suppose when that happens I could learn how to type faster and write real posts on my iPhone.

I have decided that once in a while, a woman just needs to treat herself to a hair appointment. I had a particularly bad hair day Wednesday, thanks to our hard water and dry wood stove air. I took one look in the mirror and saw a flat, unflattering, overgrown hair style with dirty highlights and frizzy grays springing up here and there. I know, I've earned them, but I got on the phone and made an appointment for this morning. I walked in saying "I'm open to suggestions..." which is a pretty bold move for me.

The results: LOVE it! It seemed at times she was randomly swiping a razor at my hair, but my hair now has shape to it. The color reminds me of photos of me at about 4 or 5 years old, when I actually had a tinge of red in the color mix. Most importantly, it makes me feel good. More youthful, maybe. Does that make me a shallow person? I don't think so.

In other business, I watched Calvin play in a very exciting eighth grade basketball game on Thursday. I don't particularly like watching basketball, but this game had me on the edge of my seat. The score was never more than four points in favor of either team, and both teams were playing hard and fast. With minutes remaining, the score started to favor Calvin's team, and they held on to it for a 41-37 victory! Starflower had two games this week, and the schedule looks busy right through mid February.

Mr. Attitude has been spotting lots of ruffed grouse (he calls them "partridge") eating buds in the trees at dusk. The redpolls are finally starting to show up at the feeders, and there are still large flocks of goldfinches. And of course, chickadees.

Today's afternoon includes some general housekeeping, possibly taking the Christmas tree down, and maybe, just maybe, some music.


webb said...

There is absolutely nothing better for a girl's self than a new hair do! Glad you treated yourself. I am currently growing out a disaster. [Note to self: it's only hair.] It was so short that it has grown 9 weeks and is just starting to get long enough to consider a new cut. I plan to wait three MORE weeks tho to be sure there's enough everywhere, and I normally wear it very short. Glad you did not suffer a similar fate. Congrats to the basketballers!

Floridacracker said...

Heck yeah! Girls gotta be girls!

Jayne said...

Really love the "new do" Deb!

Rooster613 said...

Hi DXeb, this is Rabbi Gershom form Sandstone --thank you for visiting my blog. I'm folowing yours now :) WQe don't have bird feeders because we have barn cats, but I have been hearing a lot of pheasants, and there is a big flock of turkeys wandering around here -- I frequently see them on the way into town.

Rooster613 said...

And as you can see from the typos, I'm also dyslexic -- wish these blogs had a spell checker!

Deb said...

Webb- Hair seems to grow more slowly when you're waiting to grow out a bad cut, doesn't it?

FC- Right on! :)

Jayne- Thanks, I'm loving it too.

Rooster- Nice to see you here Rabbi! Are you judging the Hinckley science fair again this year? I'll be there!