Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my newest adventure- musical theater!

I was never a theater person in high school. When you're in a graduating class of 600+, activities like "sports", "band", "drama", and "industrial arts" quickly get allocated to those students who claim them first and make their mark, and there is not the opportunity for everyone like there is in a small, rural school district. Like where I live now.

I was a "band" person, and I was happy with that. I also dabbled in cross country and cross country skiing, but I made my mark in band. Not to brag, but I was voted "Outstanding Senior Band Member" the year I graduated. Okay, so I was bragging a bit there.

Anyway, I never had the desire to get into theatrical productions. Nor did I have the encouragement. I was just a shy teenager, with at least the encouragement that I was good at playing the flute.

Fast forward 25+ years. I know I have an aptitude for music, I have a desire to become more involved in the community, and...Starflower expressed an interest in trying out for our local school/community production of "Hello Dolly" this fall. So what did I do? At first I wanted to be in the orchestra, but I found out they had two flute players last year, and only one of every other instrument, so my services would probably not be needed. But, I thought, if I would be driving Starflower to late night rehearsals, I might as well be involved onstage! So I auditioned, and Starflower and I got parts in the chorus.

The theater bug is getting to me. I am mildly obsessed with the musical parts I am singing, getting the parts embedded in my head, and I actually look forward to learning choreography and everything else that goes with a stage production. So we'll see how it goes, and if nothing else, I'll emerge as a better singer!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I think it sounds like a blast! And such a wonderful thing to do with Starflower.

Penelope said...

I agree!

Jayne said...

Our choir director owns a community theater company and has been gently encouraging me to audition every time they have a production. Heck, half our choir participates, but I've held back. You may just inspire me Deb!

Pablo said...

Is there anything you can't do?

Deb said...

Lynne and Penelope- It is already turning out to be a blast. The music is so fun, and the whole message of the musical says where I am in life right now...go out and live before the parade passes by!

Jayne- Go for it! Get a part in the chorus first. If you can sing in a church choir, you can certainly sing in the chorus!

Pablo- Calculus...Organic chemistry...I'll leave those to the experts. But for everything else, I'll take the attitude of "Life's an Adventure!"

webb said...

You will love it! I can still sing parts of the chorus part to Pirates of Penzance - from MANY years ago. A star is born.