Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wild cardinal flower

I had another fish-seeking adventure at work today. The destination was a small, unnamed tributary to the St. Croix River that I first blogged about nearly four years ago. I can't believe it's been that long already. If you were following me at that time, you may recall that this stream had been dammed by beavers and was quite difficult to walk. This year it did not appear to have any active beaver dams, although remnant logs were scattered here and there and the stream was still challenging, especially on a humid 85 degree day. We only caught two trout by electrofishing, one of which may have been young-of-year, but several others were missed in the dense overhanging vegetation and swift current of this cold, clear stream.

I was at this stream about a month earlier than the last time, and there were more species of flowers in bloom along the stream and river banks than I remembered. Ironweed, blue gentian, Joe-Pye weed, goldenrod, and cardinal flower, which I have not seen any further north along the St. Croix River than this area. I took this picture on an island where we paused for lunch before walking the stream.

Tomorrow I am headed back to the river to sample another small brook trout stream just north of the Osceola landing. I am told that one is much easier to walk, and much more scenic, than this one was. I'll bring the camera!


Floridacracker said...

Osceola? How'd you get such a Florida place name away up there?

Cardinal flower is a beauty and one of those species with a vast range.
We have the very same thing here in our wetlands.

Island Rider said...

I know not every day at work is a great one, but this sounds like one of those days that keeps you coming back for more!

webb said...

What a lovely flower. Hope you find more.

Jayne said...

These grow in a ditch area on a road I travel each day and their red color is always so stunning to me.

amarkonmywall said...

Fc has no idea how rich the midwest is when it comes to native american names! You know, Deb, you have really great work. Yes to fish photos! Although this bright red flower is nothing to scoff at.

I have been in tomato heaven; now it's more like tomato purgatory. I'll trade tomatoes and meteor showers for garlic and that kitten. No deal, huh?

The floors! Great job.

edifice rex said...

85 degree day?....I WISH it was 85 degrees here. ;)
It's been too hot even for me to get out much lately and my blood is like water.