Wednesday, June 09, 2010

the summer look

I switched back to this header photo I used last year, because I think it captures a Minnesota summer better than any other photo I have ever taken.

Speaking of summer, it's coming by leaps and bounds here. The next three weeks or so will be the peak of daylight at 46 degrees north latitude, which means the last streaks of light disappear about five hours before they reappear in the eastern sky. I love June. I only wish I didn't feel so squeezed for time in my daily life.


webb said...

What a wonderful bird - king of his.... beaver dam??

Several years ago our next door neighbor just quit cutting his ditch. It's a pain, but we do live in an urban area! After six weeks or so the glass what two feet tall and one morning after a rain I found this lovely fellow's friend standing in the temporary puddle in the ditch.

Wish I could have gotten a photo before he decided to seek better pastures.

Floridacracker said...

It IS a fine photo.

joven said...

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