Sunday, January 17, 2010

the winter blahs

It was a beautiful Sunday for January, partly cloudy with a high of 38. It's the middle of a 3 day weekend for me. Yesterday I went running for the first time in a while, and I was all excited about making an effort to stay in shape over the winter and to get outside and enjoy life.

So why did I spend most of my day indoors, half heartedly doing random things and not enjoying much of it?

I feel like I've hit a wall. Stuck in a rut. I think maybe no small factor is the fact that we are still two months away from spring. Sure it's nice to be halfway done with January and to be having great weather at this point. But February, for all its brevity, can be the longest, dreariest month of the year.

It also doesn't help that I am aching from my exercise efforts yesterday. I wore my boots running, and while they supported my feet just fine they weigh about twice as much as my running shoes.

On the bright side, I have played lots of flute and banjo this weekend, and I can tell the more I play the better I get. I saw a bald eagle while I was running yesterday. And today Mr. Attitude, while playing video games, spotted a hawk flying outside. It landed in a tree long enough for me to get a look, with binoculars, and I decided it was either a juvenile Cooper's or a juvenile goshawk. I didn't know what details to look for that would distinguish the two while I was looking. Judging from the map, it is more likely a goshawk, which would be a great yard bird sighting!

And the Vikings scored a convincing victory over the Cowboys. Now I'm not nearly as much of a football fan as I am a baseball fan, but it's fun to have Minnesota go this far in the playoffs!

Maybe watching a little "Cheers" and "Frazier" with Mr. Attitude will help. :)


Pablo said...

There are football playoffs? I don't think that happens down here in Kansas City.

Jayne said...

Wow, just who is that in the new profile photo??? Look at you girlie! Lookin' really good!!

These are the hardest weeks, aren't they? Holidays are over and the cold just seems colder and more barren. Glad you were able to run, and I have to say that I thought it was great that those Vikings had the Cowboys wondering what hit them!!

Hang on! Spring is coming!

Phoebe Hillemann said...
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Penelope said...

We've been combating the winter blahs with a renewed commitment to cooking, especially on the weekend so we'll have leftovers to help carry us through the week. Too many dinners of popcorn, or cheese and crackers! We've had some fabulous soups lately (Dave made a really good chicken tortilla chipotle chowder on Saturday), and I made French bread yesterday. I'm also thinking of starting a new blog touching on some aspect of this. A new blog is always exciting! And just think, seed-starting isn't too far away. Have you saved or ordered seeds?

Penelope said...

Sorry, I didn't realize my computer was logged in with my daughter's account, so I deleted and reposted the comment.

Deb said...

Pablo- I was beginning to think playoffs were just a myth until Favre showed up...

Jayne- Thanks! :) I needed that!

Penny- Chicken tortilla chipotle chowder sounds wonderful! I'll have to find a recipe.

elise said...

It's funny because although I don't enjoy January and March, February is okay. Although spring doesn't come until April, it's when there are signs of spring if you look for them. I guess I enjoy the challenge of walking outside and looking for them. The sun starts to feel different, the moles start making tunnels through the snow and the birds start chirping a bit more. Then March sets in and the novelty of those little signs where's off and its back to the blahs!