Friday, November 14, 2008

Mr. Cardinal now has a name

He is Stan. After Stan Musial, who I guess played for the Cardinals way back when. Of course, it was Calvin who came up with the name. Stan was there bright and early this morning.


elise said...

We sometimes name our wildlife too! We have a black (gray) squirrel that is named Ralphie and now a deer with white down by its feet named Socks. Ralphie's been around quite sometime.

Lynne said...

I hope Stan stays a while! It seems odd to me that our back yard in New Hope is full of cardinals but just 100+ miles north of here they are a rare occurance.

BTW- we name critters too. I'm not sure why it seems to be human nature to name things, maybe it makes us feel like it's more a part of our lives.

forest wisdom said...

I think Stan is a splendid name for a Cardinal. Props to Calvin for coming up with that one. :)

Rurality said...

I have often thought that if Cardinals or Blue Jays were less common here, we'd be much more impressed with them! I love how Cardinals seem to be bright Christmas ornaments when the weather's gray.

pablo said...

I would have named him Ozzy.

nina said...

It's always an eye-opener to find that something we have in abundance, others rarely see and look forward to.
The Cardinal is our (OH) state bird--a plentiful fixture year round.

It sounds like you've put chilly days by the fire to good use!

RuthieJ said...

I hope you get more cardinals--I can't wait to hear what other names you and Calvin come up with! :-)

Deb said...

My apologies for not getting back to everyone here!

Elise- Ralphie! Reminds me of A Christmas Story.

Lynne- After Stan saw the forecast for this week, I think he headed further south. I haven't seen him for a couple days.

Forest Wisdom- Calvin is a wise young man, with a good mind for baseball trivia as well!

Rurality- I'll take any color that isn't gray or dull brown here in November!

Pablo- Ozzy- another good Cardinal choice. One of my favorite musicians, Sam Bush, a diehard Cardinals fan, wrote a song about him.

Nina- it was eye opening to me to find out that purple finches are a rarity for many. I love cardinals, no matter how scarce or abundant.

RuthieJ- As I told Lynne- I think Stan has moved on. But I am hoping for more feeder surprises yet this year!

I have seen many flocks of what I think are white winged crossbills. They fly into the top of a pine tree, then stay just long enough for me to run into the house and try to locate my binoculars, then as I am focusing, they are gone! Frustrating!