Saturday, August 26, 2006

State Fair--the first weary report

It's 11:13 PM. Blogger just ate up the first post I was typing about my day spent at the Great Minnesota Get Together, as it is billed. As I saw it, it was the Great Minnesota Festival of The Dregs of Humanity.

Not that my day was trying or stressful. Far from it. I was situated in an information area on the shady north side of the massive log DNR building, with about eight comrades from all the various disciplines of resource management, so if anyone asked me about duck seasons I could literally tell them where to go. To the Wildlife specialist seated next to me.

It was more relaxed and fun than I imagined. The guy in charge, from the DNR's Information Bureau, was more than appreciative and helpful and gracious that we field staff would give up a Saturday to face the public and hand out brochures. I got to talk to a few coworkers from around the state that I normally don't get to see. And there weren't too many weird people asking weird questions.

Fred and Missy even showed up. Cool to have some friends come visit.

But, after viewing the massive throngs, I can't help but wax philosophical about the ways of society. Keep in mind, I don't visit malls, I avoid crowds whenever possible, so what comes as a revelation to me might be obvious to everyone else. The 95% rule is definitely in effect. We have 5% of the population to count on for our salvation. The rest are just bloody sheep.

More to come. I guarantee it. But we had to take the kids to the fireworks in the second closest town, so it was a full day. So more later.


madcapmum said...

The "baa-ing" can be deafening, can't it? I wait with bated breath your next installment.

pablo said...

I had a similar experience yesterday, shopping in a part of town I don't normally go to. It is the part of town near the NASCAR race track, and that's a whole different universe from what I know.

Fred said...

I'm with you, Deb. Careening through a mass of people like a pinball is not my idea of fun. I think the thing I hate most about the fair is the incessant noise of the place. Every booth, every building, every attraction has its own loudspeaker blaring. If I didn't have to be there, I sure as heck wouldn't have been there.

Floridacracker said...

I've never been to a "state" fair, only the small livestock or county fairs found in the surrounding area.

Did Garrison K. broadcast from the fair and were you the musical guest?
I was outside and missed PHC.

Deb said...

madcap-Thinking back, perhaps I was too harsh on sheep with my words.

pablo- the NASCAR district, now that says it all!!

Fred- that is why I did not spend any time walking around after my shift; just a human pinball at the mercies of the clueless! And the noise is a pain; I had a hard time hearing some people there at the booth unless I leaned way, way forward.

FC- His live broadcast is scheduled for next Saturday. I actually got to listen to a show for once as I was driving back; usually I forget about it. It was a repeat of one of the special joke shows. Hearing all those one-liners did my soul some good as I sped out of the city. But can I remember a single one? Nope!