Sunday, February 26, 2006

waiting for January to return

Usually January is the low point of the winter; weeks of below zero weather are common, accompanied by blizzards. But this year we have had a reversal of sorts; January was the warmest on record, with some days of highs in the 40's. I was hoping that meant we were out of the woods as far as cold weather was concerned. Normally once it gets beyond mid February the chances of bitter cold weather all but disappear. However, mid February came and went, bringing with it some of the coldest nights of the year so far, and the temps have not gone up. I'm longing for the balmy days of January.

I haven't even been out cross country skiing yet. I was hoping to get the kids out some this year, but I like skiing best when temperatures are in the mid to upper 20's, not too chilly. Weekend days the high temps have hovered around 15 and it's been windy more often than not. Besides that, I can't find my ski wax. I know, excuses, excuses.

I don't even know where I'm going with this post. Winter blahs I guess. Maybe it's time for something completely outrageous, like skijoring behind Togo. Skijoring is like dogsledding with skis instead of a sled. I imagine it would be something like waterskiing, which I used to do, but without the nice, forgiving water waiting when you fall. Then again, maybe I won't.

Update: I did it! And I made it home in one piece. While I had envisioned Togo taking off running down the driveway with me holding on frantically and no way to stop, it was more me shuffling along without my poles trying to discourage Togo from stopping and sniffing everything and rolling in the snow. I think he needs to get used to the feel of the harness. It ended up being a lot more work for me than I thought it would; only a couple of times was Togo actually running and pulling me. Pretty exhilarating being out, though, and it's fun to work with a dog. I hope he had a good time!


Nio said...

This winter here in Central NH has been pretty much the same as your Minnesotta(?) winter: warm January and bitterly cold February. And to boot, we got a foot of snow yesterday. Usually by this time, we're just starting to melt from the long winter. I'm hoping this is the last bit of snow we see.

Skijoring, I suspect, is nothing like water skiing. You can bet the one driving the boat will be obedient and stop when you say to, but Huskies are not known for their obedience. At least not mine. Besides, Jaxsun would rather have me pull him. And I'm so *not* obedient.

Floridacracker said...

Pictures! Pictures! I am trying to picture you being towed by the dog.

Deb said...

Nio-yes, huskies are not the most obedient dogs in the world, from what I've seen. I keep giving Togo the benefit of the doubt; he's just over a year old, haven't had any formal training, etc. etc.

FC- Unfortunately I didn't have my junior ace photographer Starflower out with me.

I thought it would be a good idea to leave the harness on Togo for a while, to get him used to the feel of it, but when I went out to take the harness off, he had half completed the job by chewing through it. Oh well.

pablo said...

I once courted a girl with cross-country skis. (I've since been married to her for 27 years.) I don't think my sons will be able to do the same thing though. We've only had one snow of accumulation this winter, and tomorrow it is supposed to be in the high 70s here in Kansas City!

Curious that you and the Bums both came forth with a winter doldrums post. Must be those northern latitudes.

Dave said...


I just struggled home from a night of fabulous jazz (Cuong Vu Trio) in an atrium of a local factory turned indoor funky mall. Free, great jazz, open ceilings up 40 feet.

The ride home was a bit tricky, the snow is hitting here (currently about 6 inches of powder). Hope I get to snowshoe this weekend.

Now, how does one court a girl with cross-country skis? I have courted them with flowers, and woth chocolate, and with dinner, but with skis?