Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ripe tomatoes and green beans!

Joe harvested my first ripe tomato yesterday, a Stupice. Actually I've been picking a couple of orange cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes from a container plant, but those don't count because a) I got them from my neighbor Patty, who started tomato seeds a lot earlier and grew them to more gigantic sizes at transplant than I did, and b) they're container plants. Oh well, at least I'm getting tomatoes this year, container or no. That's more than I can say about last year, when at this time we were having frost! I haven't eaten the Stupice yet; I'm saving that for a special tomato ceremony. There are a few more that are almost ripe.

Vincent harvested a few Kentucky Wonder pole beans, but they really haven't kicked in yet. And my Ohio Cutshort pole beans aren't even flowering yet! I looked in the Sandhill catalog, and discovered they are an 85 day variety. So I probably won't be planting them next year.

I'm also getting green and yellow zucchini, and I might have enough pickling cucumbers for a batch of dill pickles on Saturday. And tons of broccoli.


Floridacracker said...

No way! You had frost in August?!! I can't imagine.

Kentucky Wonders have the best flavor of any green bean.

madcapmum said...

I know all about those midsummer frosts! We haven't had one this summer, cross my legs and hope to fly... Congrats on all your harvest bounty. Enjoy! (I'd love to see a picture of the tomato ceremony!)

shannon said...

"I'm saving that for a special tomato ceremony.' :)